Wife’s Office Fantasy Fulfilled

My wife, Emily, and I had been married for only a few years, and we both worked hard to keep ourselves in shape. She was an up-and-coming executive at the company she worked for, and I was constantly busy with business trips and conferences. We had plenty of time to spend together, but it always seemed like we were too tired for any real intimacy.

That all changed one afternoon when I came home to find Emily sitting at the dining room table looking unusually sultry. She had on a knee length skirt and a low cut blouse that revealed her sexy curves. Her long hair was pulled back loosely and she wore minimal makeup, giving her an intensely attractive look.

As I walked in, she smiled and said, “Come have a seat and I’ll tell you all about my office fantasy.”

Confused, I sat down and she began telling me her fantasy. She wanted me to take her to her office, where she had everything ready, and to ravish her in a way that I had never done before. I was a bit wary at first, but she convinced me that it would be a unique and exciting experience that we both would enjoy.

Finally, I agreed to try it and before I knew it we were on our way to her office. The building was closed for the night, so we had the place to ourselves. Emily confidently lead me through the doors and down to her office, and I could feel the anticipation rippling through my body as she opened the door.

Inside the office was a dimly lit space, filled with paperwork and books that were obviously her work. Emily smiled mischievously at me as she closed the door securely and locked it. My mind raced with ideas of what she might have planned as we moved further into the office, until I finally reached her desk chair.

She abruptly pulled me into her embrace and kissed me fiercely, then proceeded to push my pants and briefs down to my ankles. I could feel her hands exploring my body and I let out a small gasp of surprise as she expertly caressed my most intimate areas. All the while, I kept my eyes closed, letting the sensations wash over me.

As Emily stopped caressing me, I opened my eyes to see her undressing before me. Her blouse and skirt slid down to the floor as she revealed her naked body, and I stared in awe. She was beautiful, and I wanted her more than I had ever wanted anyone in my life.

Emily moved closer, pressing her body against mine and lightly nibbling my ear as she whispered, “Make love to me now, John. Take me. Claim me as your own.”

I could feel her urgency to finally get what she had desired for so many months and I obliged. I grabbed her tightly and lifted her onto her desk, then proceeded to slowly position her against the hard surface.

Emily moaned in pleasure as I entered her, pushing deeper and deeper as we both fought to keep our cries of pleasure quiet. As we moved in unison, I couldn’t help but think that her body was made for me, and only me.

As our release came, a wave of pleasure surged through us both, and we fell embraced in each other’s arms, too exhausted from the intensity of it all to move.

The next morning we were too exhausted to go to work, so we stayed in bed for hours, just talking about her office fantasy and our special night together. We both agreed later that it was one of the most erotic and passionate experiences we had ever shared.

In the months since our special night, Emily and I have grown closer and more trusting in our relationship. We have discovered a new level of intimacy and have been constantly exploring its boundaries. We often refer back to that night as a moment that changed us, giving us the strength to explore a new kind of passion in our marriage.

Our marriage has certainly grown stronger, thanks in part to that night spent fulfilling my wife’s office fantasy. It was a night filled with love and mutual pleasure, and one that I will never forget.

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