Will And Jenna Meet At Sun Valley Nudist Resort Part Ii

Will and Jenna had been planning their vacation for months. They were both excited to explore Sun Valley Nudist Resort and all that it had to offer.

The day had finally arrived, and as they drove up the winding mountain road, they both couldn’t help but feel a bit of anticipation for all the new experiences that were about to unfold.

Upon arriving, they were immediately taken aback by the sheer beauty of the resort. The lush green trees and rolling hills created the perfect backdrop for the nude bodies in the pool and on the beach.

Will and Jenna quickly made their way to the pool area, where they found themselves surrounded by people of all ages, enjoying the sunshine and taking a dip in the cool water. After a few minutes of standing in awe, they decided to take the plunge and dive right in.

The water was refreshing, and they soon found that everyone around them was incredibly friendly and welcoming. After enjoying a few laps, they decided to lay out in the sun and enjoy the warmth that the day had to offer.

At one point, Jenna and Will both noticed a man and woman sitting close to them. The man, who they later learned was named John, had a muscular body and a ruggedly handsome face, and the woman, named Emily, had a beautiful face, with an equally attractive body.

The two had been in the resort for a few days before Will and Jenna had arrived and had quickly become close friends. John and Emily could sense the immediate attraction between Will and Jenna and quickly invited them for drinks that evening.

At the bar, John and Emily wasted no time in making Will and Jenna feel comfortable and at ease. They talked about their experiences in the resort, the rules and regulations that the staff enforced, and the experiences that each of them have had.

The conversation soon shifted to something much more intimate and John asked Will and Jenna if they would like to join him and Emily in their room that evening. Will and Jenna exchanged a look and both knew that they were both thinking the same thing.

When they arrived at the room, Emily immediately began undressing and went to the bed, while John went to the corner of the room and opened the blinds that covered the window, allowing the moonlight to pour into the room.

Jenna and Will walked closer to the bed and began to kiss passionately as Emily watched with a knowing grin. Will and Jenna soon found themselves completely nude as Emily and John joined them in the bed.

Emily’s fingers were soft as she gave Will pleasure, and John’s expertly touched Jenna, sending her into a world of pleasure that she had never known before. Will and Jenna could not believe how incredible the sensations felt and their bodies seemed to move with a rhythm that only the three of them knew.

The pleasure that the four of them felt seemed to only increase as the night went on, until finally Will and Jenna reached their climax. None of them had ever felt anything like this before, and knew that they would never forget the night that they all shared together.

Afterwards, as they all lay exhausted in the bed, Will and Jenna knew that they had found something special in Sun Valley Nudist Resort. As they both drifted off to sleep in Emily’s arms, they both knew that they had found a place that had given them something greater than anything they could have imagined.

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