Teen Diaries 16 Wet Panties

The Teen Diaries 16: Wet Panties

Every week, a group of teenage girls from the same city would get together to share their stories, experiences and innermost desires. They called it a ‘teen diary’ and it was something each of them looked forward to.

Tonight, the subject was sex. It had been weeks since they’d last met, and they were all eager to talk about their own adventures of the bedroom. One of the girls, Lucy, had a particularly interesting story to tell…

Lucy had been dating her boyfriend, Bobby, for a few months now and they were starting to get a bit more daring in the bedroom. This week, they decided to experiment with light bondage. Bobby had taken Lucy to a lingerie shop and bought her some black, lacy panties. Lucy thought they were so sexy, she couldn’t wait to wear them. She put them on as soon as she got home, and she could already feel the wetness between her legs.

The next day, Bobby took Lucy out for dinner and the anticipation of what he had planned for later was driving her wild. After dinner, they went back to his place and he immediately started to undress her. He took his time, slowly sliding her panties down her legs and off her body.

Lucy felt so exposed, and so aroused. Bobby kissed every inch of her body before finally making his way down between her legs… at first just lightly, teasing her most sensitive area. Lucy couldn’t take it anymore, she was so aroused and desperate for his touch. Bobby finally relented and started to lick and suck her sweetest spot harder and deeper, until Lucy was screaming out his name in a frenzy.

At the same time, Bobby’s hands were exploring her body, exploring the curves and crevices that he loved so much. Lucy was completely lost in pleasure, and she could no longer contain her desire. She started to thrust her hips up, begging for more and more pleasure. Bobby obliged, taking her higher and higher until finally, Lucy was overcome with such an intense orgasm, she felt like she was about to burst.

It was an incredible experience for Lucy, and she couldn’t have imagined it would be that intense. She was still trembling from the pleasure when Bobby finally lifted her off the bed, and scooped her into his arms. He laid her on the bed and began to kiss her, his lips pressed firmly against hers.

The kissing quickly morphed into more intense passion, as Lucy and Bobby explored each other’s bodies in a way they never had before. Their tongues entwined, their hands caressing, and their bodies entwined as one. Finally, as the pleasure became unbearable, Bobby released himself inside of Lucy, and they both moaned with satisfaction.

Lucy lay there, panting and exhausted, still wearing her wet panties. She looked up at Bobby and they both smiled. It had been an incredible experience, and they both knew they’d never forget it.

The other girls listened intently to Lucy’s story, and their eyes widened with admiration. They all agreed that it had been an incredible experience, and each of them was eager to try something similar for themselves.

The girls all said their goodbyes and went home, each of them excited for their own upcoming adventures in the bedroom. They all knew that the Teen Diaries would become even more interesting from now on.

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