What A Girl Wants A Maintenance Spanking

What A Girl Wants A Maintenance Spanking

Lisa was a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a voluptuous body. She always had a way of turning heads when she walked down the street. Lisa was confident and knew what she wanted in life, but she was also a bit of a submissive.

The idea of being spanked, especially for naughty things she had done, had always been something that intrigued her. She had fantasized about a man taking charge and delivering a sexy spanking to her, and often imagined what that would feel like.

One day, Lisa finally decided to take a chance and explore her fantasies. She contacted an escort service and told them what she wanted: a maintenance spanking.

The escort service told Lisa they had just the man for her. His name was Jake and he was an experienced dom. Jake had many satisfied clients and was highly reputable in the escort community.

When Lisa met Jake for the first time, she was instantly aroused. His dark brown eyes and rugged body were so attractive to her, and she found herself unable to take her eyes off him.

Jake was just as excited about the encounter as her, and immediately got to work. He stripped Lisa down to her underwear and then proceeded to give her a thorough spanking. His strong hands massaged her buttocks and gave them several light smacks. He then pinched and squeezed her skin, taking his time to ensure that he was delivering an even, pleasurable sensation.

The spanking was amazing, and Lisa felt her body responding to the touch of his hands. Her skin was tingling and her breath was coming in short, shallow gasps. She loved being manhandled and felt her arousal grow with every swat.

After the spanking, Jake proceeded to kiss and caress Lisa’s body. He licked and sucked on her neck and breasts, teasing her nipples until she was moaning in pleasure. His hands slid down her stomach and between her legs, and he gently inserted two fingers inside her pussy.

He massaged her insides, giving her intense sensations and bringing her closer to orgasm. Lisa was so close to coming and begged for him to enter her. Jake obliged and positioned himself between her legs.

He started to thrust in and out of her in an increasingly fast rhythm. His hard cock felt amazing inside her, and every movement sent waves of pleasure throughout her body. Lisa was screaming his name as she experienced one of the best orgasms of her life.

After they were finished, Lisa felt completely satisfied. She was surprised at how good the experience was and thanked Jake for such an amazing night. She said that the maintenance spanking was exactly what she needed and would love to come back and visit him again.

Jake said he was more than happy to oblige and that he was looking forward to their next session. Lisa thanked him and said goodbye, feeling more content and satisfied than ever.

What a Girl Wants a Maintenance Spanking was an amazing experience for both Jake and Lisa. It was hot, intense, and satisfying, and Lisa couldn’t wait for their next encounter. She knew that she had found what she was looking for and was eager to explore the world of BDSM more.

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