An Exciting Two Weeks With My Step Granny

An Exciting Two Weeks With My Step Granny

I was excited. I knew that my step-granny was coming to stay with us for two weeks. It had been a while since I had seen her, so I hadn’t really thought of her in a sexual way before then.

But when I opened the door and saw her standing there, I was immediately struck by how attractive she was. She had a kind face and a beautiful, voluptuous body. I could tell she was still in great shape.

My step-granny was in town for a conference and needed somewhere to stay, so my mom had graciously offered to put her up. I could tell my mom was trying to set us up.

I helped her carry her bags to the guest room and then, of course, we all sat down for dinner. We talked about her trip and the conference she had gone to. She was excited about the opportunity and told us about all the new things she had learned.

It was during this conversation that I started to notice something about my step-granny. She had a kind of flirty and playful attitude that made me think she was interested in me.

As the night went on, I found myself thinking more and more about her. I was getting more and more aroused, especially when I noticed the way she was looking at me. And then I started to imagine what it would be like to be with her.

The next day, my step-granny suggested we go out together, just the two of us. I knew this was my chance. I smiled and agreed, feeling my heart pounding in anticipation.

We ended up going to a small cafe for lunch. We talked about our shared interests and found that we had a lot in common. I was a bit taken aback at how easy it was to talk to her, and I could tell she felt the same way.

Afterwards, we decided to take a walk in the park. We talked and laughed and soon found ourselves in a secluded area of the park. We were alone and I felt my pulse racing.

I leaned in to give her a kiss, and she immediately responded. Her lips were soft and her skin felt so smooth. The kiss lasted longer than I expected and when it ended, we both looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.

We decided to go back to my place, and when we got there, we immediately started making out. We kissed and touched each other, exploring each other’s bodies in a way that was both new and exciting.

I felt myself getting more and more aroused, and so did my step-granny. We ended up in the bedroom, undressing each other slowly and exploring each other’s bodies. I caressed her voluptuous curves and she responded with moans and sighs of pleasure.

I sucked on her nipples and licked her clit, and she responded by grinding her body against mine. I could feel her wetness growing as I touched her, and soon enough I was inside her.

We rode together in a passionate embrace, and I could feel her getting more and more aroused. We moved faster and faster, and the sensations were overwhelming. I felt my arousal reaching its peak, and then I released inside her.

We lay together afterwards in a sweaty embrace, both of us feeling incredibly satisfied. We stayed like that for some time, just holding each other, until eventually, we fell asleep.

The next day, we repeated the same thing. We kissed and touched each other, exploring each other’s bodies and going further each time. We went to different places together, exploring the city and each other in the process.

We even went to a brothel and had a threesome with one of the escorts. It was new and exciting for both of us, and it only made our connection stronger.

By the end of the two weeks, I felt like I had truly connected with my step-granny in a way I never expected. We had had so much fun together, and I felt like I had learned a lot about her, and myself, during that time.

I knew that our bond had grown immensely during those two weeks and I was happy to have shared them with her. I knew that whenever I thought back to that time, I would always have fond memories.

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