True Marriage Spanking Story

True Marriage Spanking Story

Julie and Brad were a married couple who had been together for 8 years. They had a great relationship and were very much in love. But there was something missing in their life – spice. It had been a long time since they had done anything out of the ordinary in the bedroom, and Julie was starting to feel a bit frustrated. She wanted to try something new, something naughty.

One day, Julie got up the courage to tell Brad about her fantasy – she wanted to be spanked. Brad was a bit taken aback at first, but after some discussion, he agreed to try it. They decided to keep it between themselves and not tell anyone else what they were doing.

The next night, they went to bed and Julie lay down on the bed, ready to be spanked. Brad, who was still a bit nervous, started off with some light smacks to her bottom, which she found surprisingly enjoyable. He worked his way up to harder spanks, and Julie soon started to moan in pleasure with each spank.

The spanking went on like this for some time, and Julie soon found herself lost in pleasure, her body screaming for more. Brad, who was enjoying the power he had over his wife, increased the intensity of the spanking and Julie could feel her orgasm building. She was on the brink of ecstasy when Brad suddenly stopped, making her cry out in frustration.

But it wasn’t over yet. Brad had something else in store for her – he pushed her onto her stomach and started spanking her ass. He teased and tantalized her with his hands, stimulating her erogenous zones until she was begging for more. Finally, he inserted a finger into her anus, and Julie felt her body trembling with pleasure.

This was the final straw and Julie was soon coming hard, screaming out in pleasure as her orgasm wracked her body. When it was over, she collapsed into a heap, exhausted from the experience.

She and Brad lay there in silence for a few moments, before finally Brad broke it.

“Well,” he said with a smile. “That was certainly an interesting experience. I think it’s safe to say we’ve added some spice to our marriage.”

Julie smiled and agreed. They snuggled up together and went to sleep, both feeling very satisfied and content.

The next day, Julie and Brad went out to dinner and, while they were eating, Brad started talking about their experience the night before. He said he was glad he had done it, and he had enjoyed it more than he thought he would. Julie smiled, feeling happy that he had been open minded enough to try something new.

From that day on, spanking would become a regular part of their lovemaking. Whenever they had been apart for too long, or just wanted to add a bit of extra spice to their sex life, they would incorporate spanking into their lovemaking. And every time, it would take their love to a new level.

True marriage spanking was now a part of their lives, and it had undeniably improved their relationship. They were happier and more connected than ever before. In the past, they had been content together, but now they were truly passionate about each other and their relationship.

Julie and Brad had discovered something that had been missing for a long time – excitement. And it had made their marriage even stronger.

This true marriage spanking story is one that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, and they will look back on it fondly whenever they feel the need to spice up their sex life. It had opened the door to a new world of pleasure, and they would forever thank each other for being brave enough to try something new and exciting.

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