Fancy Dress

Fancy Dress

The night had been fancy dress themed and Emma had chosen to dress as a naughty nurse. Her partner of the evening, Mark, had dressed up as a fantasy pirate. They had gone out to a club with a few of their friends for an evening of drinks and dancing. As the night progressed and the alcohol began to take hold, Emma and Mark had begun to get increasingly frisky on the dancefloor, eventually the other friends had left the couple to their own antics, leaving them to dance the night away.

Eventually, they decided to take the night back to their hotel room and continue their flirting and teasing in private. Mark led Emma by the hand out of the club and into a waiting taxi. The windows of the cab were steamed up as the couple kissed and caressed each other, exploring each other’s bodies in the back seat.

Once back at their hotel, the couple stumbled into their room, still in their costumes, eager to get closer and explore each other more. Mark took a moment to look Emma up and down in her naughty nurse costume, admiring the way it clung to her curves. Emma in turn, looked at Mark hungrily, tracing a finger down his chest, past his muscular abs, and lower still.

Mark took hold of Emma’s hand and pulled her close, pressing her body against his. He kissed her deeply, wrapping his free arm around her waist and drawing her closer still. His free hand trailed up the inside of her thigh, under the hem of her short skirt, igniting a fire within Emma which she found hard to control.

Mark soon had Emma standing in the middle of the room, as he removed her costume piece by piece. She felt exposed, her body on full display for Mark to explore and caress as he wished. His hands moved slowly, exploring every inch of her body as Emma moved her hands in time with his, learning each other’s touch.

With a sudden movement, Mark pushed Emma onto the bed and moved atop her, pressing his body into hers as their mouths met in a heated kiss. His hands roamed Emma’s body, first exploring her breasts, before making their way down towards her inner thighs. Emma moaned in pleasure as Mark teased her with his fingers, her arousal level beginning to increase.

Mark wasted no further time, pushing his trousers down his legs and allowing Emma a full view of his hard length. He moved his body in time with hers, pressing his hardness against her core, as if begging her to take him inside her. Emma complied, hooking her legs around his waist and allowing him entry. She felt pleasure course through her body as Mark moved within her, his thrusts becoming more and more intense.

As the pleasure increased, Mark leaned down and captured Emma’s lips in a passionate kiss, as their bodies moved in synchronicity. His hands moved to cup her buttocks, as he moved faster and faster, pushing himself deeper and deeper within her.

Meanwhile, Emma moved her hands up Mark’s back, drawing circles on his skin as he continued to thrust, reaching his peak. With a tortured groan, Mark released himself into her, feeling her heat consume him.

As they lay in each other’s arms, exhausted from their night of pleasure, Emma wondered how different her life could be if she and Mark made things official. She smiled to herself, content with the night’s events, and drifted off to sleep safe in the knowledge that she was in a good place.

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