The Wedding Night Surprise

The Wedding Night Surprise

They arrived at their new marital home, the home and honeymoon of their dreams. As he carried her over the threshold, she felt her body unconsciously tingle with anticipation. His strong arms brought her closer and she felt her skin yearning for him to explore her body with unrestrained desire.

Once inside, they explored their new home with a growing sense of excitement. The bedroom was their final destination. As soon as they stepped through the door, he couldn’t contain his desire anymore. He pulled her close and their lips melded together in a deep and passionate kiss.

She felt his tongue exploring her mouth and she got lost in the moment. Fully giving in to the burning desire in her core, she could feel herself start to become aroused.

He moved his hands down her body, brushing over her curves. A moan escaped her lips as his fingers found her sweet spot, coming to rest against the swollen nub of her clitoris. She felt a gush of warmth as he delicately caressed her, causing her to nearly faint with pleasure.

He moved away just long enough to remove her dress and allowing it to fall to the floor. She felt her inhibitions melting away, allowing herself to fully embody the experience.

Enjoying the sheer pleasure of the moment, she felt his hands move up her body, tracing her curves in a gentle caress. His mouth followed, teasing and lapping at her most sensitive parts, building the anticipation to a fever pitch.

Finally, with his lips firmly pressed against hers, his fingers found their way into her slick sex, all her senses screamed with exquisite delight, and he felt her muscles quiver and tighten around him as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her.

He continued to move in and out, exhilarated by the power he had over her body. She moaned and called out his name, her need for his touch only growing with every thrust. His hand moved up her body to cup her breasts, and he continued to stroke her as he thrust faster and harder into her.

He felt her body rising to fever pitch, and he moved rhythmically and effortlessly with her. She felt her body reach the brink, and then shatter as a cascade of electric pleasure rushed through her.

She had never felt pleasure on this level before. Distraught, she clung to him, desperate to savor the moment before it passed. With one final thrust, he felt her body shudder, and he too fell into blissful euphoria.

As they both lay panting, still tangled in their passionate embrace, they savored the moment of pure contentment.

He pulled her close and whispered in her ear, “I told you I’d give you the best wedding night surprise ever.”

Leaving out the post–coital cuddles and scenes of tenderness, he said, “Now it’s time for the next incredible surprise.”

He opened the curtains, and she looked out at a stunning sight. Marooned in the middle of the ocean was a private tropical island.

Unable to contain her excitement, she practically leapt into his arms and the two of them dropped into an old-fashioned rowboat waiting for them just outside. In no time, they arrived at the isolated paradise.

The sun was setting and the night was just beginning. He had arranged an incredible night for her, and he wanted her to fully enjoy it.

First, they had dinner at a romantic ocean-side restaurant. They were served a feast like they had never tasted before, complete with champagne and a private escort. After dinner, they rode a motorcycle and went to a secret brothel.

He had reserved all the best girls for her pleasure and what followed was an incredible night of passion. With her hands and lips, she explored several different women, allowing each of them to take her further and further away into temptation.

He watched, entranced, as she delicately moved from woman to woman, exploring their bodies and succumbing to their expert touches and caresses. She felt as if her world had expanded and a new level of satisfaction had been achieved.

Finally, just before dawn, the two of them made their way back to their private island. Here he revealed his last surprise—a breathtaking beach villa where they could both lay and relax and enjoy each other.

Here, with the waves of the ocean softly crashing against the shore and the stars twinkling above, the newlyweds promised to always love and honor each other. They spent the next few days simply delighting in each other and the pleasure they discovered on their wedding night.

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