My Roommate’s Sexy Surprise

My Roommate’s Sexy Surprise

I had just recently moved in with my new roommate and wasn’t sure what to expect. She seemed like a nice enough girl from the surface, but it didn’t take me long to discover she was a bit wilder than I had originally imagined.

On our first night living together, I stumbled upon something that shocked me to my core. I had come home late at night and heard noise coming from her bedroom. At first I thought she had some kind of party going on, but when I opened the door, I was amazed to find that she was in the middle of a full-on night of crazy kinky sex.

She was wearing lingerie and had her partner on top of her. They were making out and getting into some naughty positions. As I watched from the hallway, I felt a rush of desire flow through me. I had never seen anything like this before and it was turning me on in ways I never expected.

My roommate glanced at me and I quickly ducked back into the darkness. I heard her call out to me, “Come on in, we don’t mind.” I was hesitant at first, but I eventually decided to take her up on her offer.

As I slowly approached, I noticed that she had a rather large selection of sex toys surrounding them. She was in the middle of using a vibrator on herself while her partner licked and sucked on her clit. I was so aroused that I could feel my cheeks flush. I blushed more when my roommate asked me to join them.

I had never done anything like this before and I wasn’t sure if I should do it. As I was standing there debating, my roommate grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bed. She helped me take off my clothes then asked her partner to sit at the foot of the bed. She then proceeded to grab some lube and began to rub my stiff penis and balls.

The sensation was so new and intense that I felt like my head was about to explode. I closed my eyes as she slid her fingers up and down my shaft and soon felt her take it into her mouth. The sensation was beyond words, so I just let out a moan and gave myself over to the pleasure.

My roommate then asked her partner to take over. His tongue felt like heaven as it glided over me. He moved his mouth up and down, pausing every so often to move his hands around the base of my penis. I was growing more and more aroused as their mouths teased and tantalized me, and soon I was ready to explode.

My body shook as I released a moan. I had never felt anything quite like this before and I was in awe of the pleasure I had just experienced. As I lay there panting, my roommates partner took his place next to me and my roommate asked him to go down on her. She screamed and moaned as he licked and sucked on her clit.

When they were finished, my roommate asked me if I wanted to join in. I eagerly did, and quickly got to work licking, sucking, and fingering her. As I tasted the sweetness that flowed from her body, I felt myself growing harder and harder.

Soon, it was my turn to be on top, and my roommate and her partner helped me take her in different positions. We moved from doggy style to missionary, then finally, I entered her from behind. As I thrust into her, my roommate wrapped her arms around me and bit my ear in delight.

Eventually, I reached my climax with a loud groan. After we both were finished, my roommate and her partner thanked me for joining in. I think that night was definitely the start of something special between us, and from then on I always looked forward to coming home to my roommate’s sexy surprises.

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