The Smokin Midge

The Smokin’ Midge was a young, sexy streetwalker who regularly strutted her stuff around the seedy streets of the city. She’d been selling her body since she was a teenager, and by now she was a full-fledged sex expert who knew all the tricks of the trade. She was a wild, untamed beauty who could make any man weak in the knees with a single glance.

Midge had a petite frame with curves in all the right places and she moved with a grace and confidence that was mesmerizing to watch. Her eyes were a deep, sultry brown and her lips were full and inviting. She wore just enough makeup to make her look mysterious and inviting, and the skimpy outfit she wore left little to the imagination.

Tonight, Midge had her sights set on one particular john. He was tall, dark, and handsome with a smoldering gaze that hinted at a naughty streak he was trying to keep hidden. She knew he was just the kind of guy who could make her night really special, so she decided to go all out to make sure she lured him in.

Midge sauntered up to the man, her hips swaying seductively as she moved. She looked him up and down, allowing her eyes to linger on each tantalizing curve of his body. Then she flashed him her best come hither smile and purred in her sexiest voice, “Hello there, handsome. Looking for a good time tonight?”

The man’s eyes widened a bit before he recovered and said, “Yes, I am. How about you and I go for a walk and get to know each other a bit better?”

Midge agreed and the two of them began walking, their hands occasionally brushing against each other in a tantalizing way. The heat between them was palpable, and it was only a matter of minutes before their conversation devolved into a heated make out session. Midge felt her blood simmering and her body begging for more.

The man pulled back and looked into her eyes, his gaze smoldering with desire. He then took her hand and guided her to a nearby alley. In a matter of moments they were both stripped down and engaged in a passionate love making session.

Midge was in complete bliss, her body electrified by the sensations coursing through her as he explored every inch of her body. He kissed and caressed her each in turn, his lips and tongue teasing her in such a delicious manner that she thought she would go crazy from pleasure.

When his hands finally made their way to her breasts, Midge felt as though she was about to burst into flames. He expertly teased and sucked her nipples, each tug of his mouth sending waves of pleasure coursing through her.

The man then moved lower, his tongue flicking over her navel as his fingers made their way between her legs. He expertly played with her most delicate of parts, his fingers pushing her further and further into a state of ecstasy.

Soon enough, Midge was on the brink, his fingers finding just the right rhythm to push her over the edge. When the waves of pleasure finally overcame her, she screamed out his name in sweaty, intense abandon.

Once the storm of passion had passed, the man pulled her closer and kissed her deeply. He then grabbed some of his clothes from the nearby street and put them on. He looked into Midge’s eyes and said, “You were even better than I imagined. I’ll definitely be back for more of your smokin’ midge.”

Midge smiled and nodded her head as he left. As she watched him walk away, she felt satisfied both mentally and physically. She knew she would never forget this night, and she was sure he wouldn’t either. The Smokin’ Midge had done her job, and she had done it well.

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