Diaper Stories Poop

Troy and Kaitlyn had been married for five years and were still madly in love with each other. Every night when they got home from work, they would take a break from their busy lives to spend some intimate time together. One of their favorite activities was exploring their BDSM fantasies. While Troy was usually the dominant one, Kaitlyn didn’t mind giving up control every once in a while.

One night, Kaitlyn suggested that they should explore some Diaper Stories Poop. This didn’t come as much of a surprise to Troy; he had heard about the fetish before and was eager to explore it too. He agreed and Kaitlyn quickly started to undress him.

Kaitlyn then pulled out a diaper and proceeded to put it on Troy. She made sure to get the right size so that it was snug and not too loose. Troy felt a bit awkward and embarrassed at first, but he soon got into the role. He had been wanting to try this type of kink for a while now and the feeling of helplessness and immobility that came with wearing a diaper made him feel incredibly aroused.

Kaitlyn then took out some diapers that were lined with an absorbent material, meant to prevent leaking. She put one of them on Troy and explained that he was now going to wet himself. This was a completely new feeling for Troy, but he was willing to try it.

Kaitlyn then proceeded to give Troy a blowjob and then fuck him. Troy loved the feeling of being exposed and helpless, and Kaitlyn loved the feeling of power. She teased Troy in all the right ways, making sure to keep him on the edge of pleasure.

Finally, when they were both spent, Kaitlyn took the diaper off of Troy and said, “Now let’s have some fun with it.” She took out some chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and other edible items and spread them all over Troy’s body. She then proceeded to lick it all off him, making sure to leave no areas untouched.

The sensation was incredible and Troy could barely contain himself. Kaitlyn then proceeded to take him to bed and they made love again, this time while she was still wearing the diaper. She used it as a way to tease Troy and stimulate him in all the right places.

Troy loved every second of it and thanked Kaitlyn for introducing him to such an incredible experience. He could tell that this was just the beginning of their exploration of the fascinating and naughty world of Diaper Stories Poop.

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