The Right Method

The Right Method

“Oh, that feels so good!” gasped Danielle as her husband, Bart, fingered her tight, delicious ass. She was lying on her back on the bed, her legs spread wide and her eyes closed in pleasure. Bart slid his fingers deeper and deeper, pushing them inside her and feeling her wetness around him.

Danielle moaned and shifted her hips, grinding against his hand as he slowly and methodically explored her tight hole. She loved the way he touched her, the way he pushed just the right amount of pressure as he moved expertly and tantalizingly inside her.

“Do you like that, babe?” Bart whispered into Danielle’s ear, his words causing her to moan and spasm in pleasure. She loved the way he asked her if she was enjoying herself, the way it felt like he was taking pleasure in pleasing her. In response, she simply nodded her head and bit her lip, unable to find the words to express everything she was feeling.

After a few more moments of tantalizing pleasure, Bart finally withdrew his fingers and leaned down to kiss Danielle’s neck. She felt herself go weak with pleasure and knew that she had to have him inside her now.

“I want you,” she said in a breathless whisper.

“I want you too,” Bart replied, his words filled with desire. He knelt between her legs and grabbed hold of his cock, guiding it into her tight opening.

The pleasure was almost unbearable as Bart pushed himself inside her inch by inch. Danielle gasped and moaned as he moved deeper and deeper, feeling every part of herself being taken in. She loved the way he moved, the way he took his time to ensure that her pleasure was maximized to the fullest.

Finally, Bart was fully inside her and Danielle couldn’t take it anymore. She started to move in sync with him, pushing herself up to meet his thrusts. As they moved together, their bodies entwined in pleasure and desire, pleasure coursed through Danielle’s body and her orgasm began to build.

As Danielle’s orgasm neared, Bart began to move faster and faster, pushing himself deeper and deeper. She felt herself tensing up as the pleasure rose, until finally she fell over the edge and into pure ecstasy. Bart followed soon thereafter, his body tensing up as he filled her with his warmth.

Afterwards, Danielle felt exhausted but absolutely blissful. She snuggled up against Bart and sighed contentedly, feeling satisfied in a way that she hadn’t before. She had finally found the perfect way to experience anal sex, the right method for her and her husband. They both knew that this was something special and that they would be exploring it for many years to come.

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