Gently Slowly Increasing

Gently Slowly Increasing

John felt his heart racing as he approached the entrance of the seedy brothel. It was a place he had heard about from some of his friends, and he had been keen to try it out. The prospect of having anal sex with someone was something that he had been excited about for some time, and it seemed like the right place to experience it.

He opened the door to the brothel and was immediately greeted by a hostess. She said her name was Sarah and she was here to help. She asked John what he was interested in and he told her he was looking for an evening of anal sex. She smiled knowingly and told him she could arrange it.

John followed Sarah down a long hallway, passing several closed doors. He knew from stories he had heard that the girls inside these rooms were prostitutes, and he felt a thrill at the realization. At the end of the hall, Sarah opened a door and motioned for John to enter.

The room was luxurious and comfortable. The walls were adorned with exotic artwork, and a large bed was situated in the center. On the bed was a woman, her face hidden behind a silky black mask. Sarah left John alone with the woman and he sat on the bed nervously.

The woman asked him his name and he told her. She then asked him what he was looking for and he told her he wanted an evening of anal sex. She smiled and said that it would be her pleasure. She instructed him to undress and lay on the bed, and John complied.

The woman then proceeded to prepare John for anal sex. She began by lightly massaging his chest and abdomen, and then she ran her fingers over his buttocks, sending shivers up John’s spine. She carefully spread lubricant over his anus and then with one finger she slowly inserted it inside.

John gasped at the sensation, and the woman smiled. She then began to gently increase the pressure, sending John into a state of sweet stimulation. With each thrust, she sensually increased the pressure until John felt as if he was on the brink of orgasm.

John looked up at the woman and saw her eyes twinkling with pleasure. He realized then that she was enjoying giving him this pleasure, and it only intensified the sensations he was feeling. The pleasure soon became too much, and John surrendered to the sensations, allowing himself to surrender to the ultimate pleasure of anal sex.

John lay in the afterglow for some time, relishing the sensations he had just experienced. He thanked the woman for her services, and she smiled before leaving the room. John felt satisfied and content, and he left the brothel a new man, one who was no longer scared of the prospect of anal sex, but rather one who embraced it.

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