The Office Affair

The Office Affair

Paula was the newest hire at a small financial consulting firm. She was excited to have landed the job and even more so to meet the other employees. There was a lot of curiosity about her past and what she could offer the firm. After a few weeks she was settling in nicely and had become good friends with most of the other employees.

One day, Paula was invited to lunch by John, the head of the department. John had expressed an interest in her from the moment she had come on board and Paula had to admit she felt the same way. The two of them got along great and had shared a few intimate conversations over the course of their lunch. Paul decided that now was the time to make her move and asked John if he was interested in having a little affair. John was taken aback at first but quickly agreed, citing his own need for a passionate connection.

The pair decided they would meet at John’s office after the work day was over, as the building was mostly empty at that time. On the night of their rendezvous, Paula was both nervous and excited as she made her way to John’s office. She rapped lightly on his door and he answered to let her in.

Once inside, John asked Paula to come and stand in front of him. The room was lit only by a few small lamps and he could see the desire in her eyes. As he leaned forward to kiss her, Paula felt electricity pass between them. His hands explored her body, touching and caressing her in ways that made her body surge with passion. At one point, Paula felt a whisper of air at the base of her neck and knew it was John’s breath. He then moved his mouth closer to hers and passionately kissed her.

Their kissing turned into passionate lovemaking as John undressed Paula. He then laid her gently down onto his carpet and began to explore her body with his tongue. He licked and sucked at her nipples, breasts and stomach, his hands roaming along her body as he went. He then reached down between her legs and Paula gasped at the incredible sensations that coursed through her body. John then entered her and Paula felt her body swell up with pleasure. As they made love, their bodies moved with a rhythm that increased in intensity as the minutes passed by. Paula felt like she was in heaven and she wanted to stay there forever.

Eventually, their bodies spent, John pulled away and held her in his arms, the two of them sweating and satisfied. He then pulled the covers up over them and they lay there in comfortable silence for a while until they were ready to go home.

The next day, Paula came into work feeling a little shy, but her coworkers could see the change in her. She was happy, confident and satisfied and they immediately noticed.

The office affair between John and Paula was a secret affair but it was one that had long-lasting implications. It brought a newfound intimacy to the office and reminded them of the power of shared passions. While the affair eventually cooled off and the two of them went their separate ways, Paula knew that this experience had taught her the importance of taking risks and embracing her desires. Her time with John had been sweet, passionate and highly pleasurable, and she was glad that she had taken that step and let herself feel something beautiful.

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