The Naughty Nanny

It was a cloudy and rainy day and the temperature was rapidly dropping. Sarah was feeling a bit out of place as she walked up the steps of the fancy Victorian-style mansion. Was she really here for a job interview? She was no ordinary woman—being a full-time college student and working a few part-time jobs left her with little time for anything else. But something nagged her that day to answer that job ad for a nanny.

From the moment Sarah entered the mansion, she could feel its dampness—just enough to make her skin tingle. She followed the winding staircase to the third floor, where the meeting was to take place. When she entered the room, she gasped. It was decadent and luxurious, with Persian rugs and velvet wallpaper lining the walls.

As she waited for her potential employers, Sarah began to fantasize about being the naughty nanny. She imagined herself as a temptress, using her femininity to seduce the handsome men she would be taking care of.

The door opened and Sarah saw the couple. They were both attractive and distinguished in their late thirties or early forties. After introducing themselves, they asked Sarah to take a seat and began their questions. Sarah found herself feeling captivated by the couple’s presence. They spoke with an authority and certainty that Sarah had not experienced before.

The couple quickly began to tell Sarah about the expectations of their nanny: she would be responsible for all their needs, tending to their every whim. She would be expected to cook, clean, and do all the mundane tasks associated with childcare. Furthermore, Sarah would be required to be intimate with them upon request. She would be their loyal and devoted servant, fulfilling any fantasies or desires they had.

Sarah felt a bit uncomfortable at first, but after a few minutes, she began to become aroused. The idea of pleasing her employers, being the center of their attention, excited her. She knew this was the job she had been searching for.

The couple continued to tell Sarah about the job: she would no longer be a simple nanny but rather their “naughty nanny.” For this position, she would be expected to wear revealing clothing and dedicate her every waking hour to their whims. They promised Sarah a hefty salary, so she accepted their offer without hesitation.

That night, Sarah headed to her new home with eager anticipation. She was to start the next day, and she wondered what kind of activities would be in store for her.

She awoke early and put on her skimpy outfit. As she descended the stairs to the main hall, she began to feel more confident and excited. She felt powerful in the knowledge that she would be in control of her body and her desires.

Upon entering the main living room, Sarah saw her employers sipping coffee and talking quietly. They both looked up with a start and then a smile. It was clear that they were pleased with Sarah’s appearance.

Without wasting a second, the couple began to tell Sarah about her tasks for the day. She was to make breakfast for them, clean their room, and tend to their every need. However, their request for the day was a little more intimate.

The husband stood up, pulled Sarah to him, and kissed her deeply. He murmured words of pleasure as his hands moved freely over her body. Sarah felt the power of his touch, feeling the warmth of his hands on her skin.

The husband motioned for his wife to join him and they both took turns exploring Sarah’s body. They licked and kissed every part of her, running their tongues over her nipples and down her torso. Their hands never stopped as they jointly explored her depths and took pleasure in her responses.

Sarah felt empowered by their touch and finally surrendered herself to their pleasure. She was no longer an employee, but the object of their passionate desire. As the couple ravished her body, Sarah realized that this was the job she had always wanted: to satisfy her bosses’ desires and be rewarded for it.

The couple continued their intimate play until Sarah finally fell into a blissful sleep. When she awoke, she found that she had been given a raise—a reward for outstanding service.

Ever since that day, Sarah has continued her role as the naughty nanny. She likes to think that she is the envy of every other nanny out there, as she has become the pleasure provider to her rich bosses. Sarah loves her job and loves the pleasure it provides her with, but she never forgets her first indulgence as the naughty nanny.

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