The Naughty Teacher

The Naughty Teacher’s Panties

Jack was walking in the hallway of his local college, a small school situated in a rural town. He noticed a stunning woman just a few steps ahead of him. Her long dark hair flowed around her slender shoulders, her curves accentuated by the tight skirt she wore.

Jack stopped in his tracks as he realized that this woman was none other than his college professor, the one he had been trying to avoid since the semester started. He froze, unable to move or look away from her.

Professor Lisa wrapped her long arm around the door knob and slowly turned it, her fingers grazing the metal surface as she did so. She slowly opened the door and stepped inside her office without even looking at Jack.

He remained in the hallway, his heart pounding in his chest. He had wanted to talk to her all semester but had been too scared to approach her. He had heard rumors that Lisa was very strict and would not tolerate any fraternization between professor and student.

Nevertheless, Jack couldn’t help but be captivated by her beauty. He let out a sigh of regret as he watched her sexy body disappear behind the thick oak door.

He shook his head and started to walk away, but something compelled him to stay. When he glanced back to the door, he realized that it was slightly open. He inched closer, keeping an eye out for anyone who might be in the hallway. When he was sure no one was around, he pushed the door open, careful not to make any noise.

As he stepped inside the office he saw that Lisa’s back was to him, her tight black skirt rising up above her ankles. He hesitated for a moment, trying to decide if he should turn around and walk out or take a chance and remain in the office.

He decided to take a risk and crept closer, his heart racing as he saw his professor’s long dark hair cascading over her shoulders, her perfect curves visible through her thin clothing. He felt his breathing become shallow as he inched closer to her, his fingers digging into the leather handle of her briefcase.

Suddenly, Lisa turned around, her deep brown eyes widening as she saw Jack standing in the doorway. He gulped, expecting her to be angry at him for being in her office uninvited. Instead, a slight smile crossed her lips.

“What do you want, student?” she inquired in a low voice.

“I… I just wanted to talk to you,” Jack stammered, his words feeling inadequate.

Lisa stared at him for a moment, then stepped even closer to him. He felt his skin heat up as she moved, his heart rate increasing with each step.

“You can look but you can’t touch,” she said softly, her voice sending a shiver down his spine.

She reached up and undid the top two buttons of her blouse before stepping back. Jack’s eyes widened as he saw the lace of her white panties peeking out from beneath her skirt. He licked his lips as he gazed at her barely-contained curves, his heart pounding in his chest.

He let out a gasp as she stepped closer again, this time reaching out and running a finger along his lower lip.

“I think you need a lesson in naughty behavior,” she purred before turning away and walking across the room. Jack remained rooted to the spot, his mind spinning with what she had just said.

Lisa moved to the other side of her office and opened her desk drawer. His heart raced as he heard her muffled whispers, visualizing what she might be pulling out of the drawer.

When she turned around, his breath caught in his throat as he saw what she was holding. A thin black leather whip with a feather on the end.

She moved to stand in front of him, her hands on her hips as she stared him down.

“If you want to stay and talk, you must obey my rules,” she said, her voice stern yet seductive at the same time.

Jack nodded, though he didn’t know what he’d gotten himself into. Lisa stepped to the side and motioned for him to sit on the chair in the corner of the room. He did as he was told and she moved towards him, the leather whip still in her hand.

She leaned forward and licked her lips, her voice low and husky.

“You know what this is for don’t you, student? I hope your naughty behavior won’t make me have to use it. However, if it does there will be consequences…”

Jack gulped, his mind racing with fear as he tried to think of what his punishment might be. Lisa stepped closer, her fingers reaching out and grazing his cheek before she pulled away.

She smiled, her voice almost a purr.

“Now, let’s begin your lesson in naughty behavior…”

For the next hour, Jack found himself in a state of bliss. Lisa guided him through a series of tasks and lessons, each one pushing the boundaries of his sexual desire. From the way she spoke to him to the way she touched him, it was obvious that she was a master of this naughty game.

When the lessons were over and he was spent, Lisa took a step back and nodded.

“You have learned today’s lesson well, student. I will be watching you closely in the future, so don’t disappoint me.”

With that, she sat down and adjusted her clothing, a satisfied look on her face. Jack, meanwhile, was still in shock, the pleasure of their session still coursing through his body.

He watched her intently as he made his way out of the office, the smell of her musky perfume still filling his nostrils. He shook his head, unable to believe the naughty teacher had made such an impact on him. As he walked down the hallway, all he could picture was the way her panties had looked as they peeked out from beneath her skirt.

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