The Cheating Housewife

The Cheating Housewife

Naomi had been married for three years and was in for a shock when she received a text message from her husband telling her that he was coming home late due to work. She normally tended to the chores around the house, making sure it looked spotless by the time he got back, but with the extra time she had, she decided to lavish her afternoon on herself.

As she stepped into the bathroom, she looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled. She had the body of a woman in her mid-thirties, though she was still fit and petite, with perky breasts and a tight waist. It had been months since she felt desirable, since she felt like someone in her prime, and she was determined to make today special.

She began to undress, slowly sliding each clothing item off her body in front of the mirror, her eyes never leaving her reflection. As her bra and panties fell to the floor, she felt a rush of pleasure at being naked, and soon began performing a slow, sensual striptease while looking into her own eyes.

The blush in her cheeks deepened as she imagined what it would be like to have a man see her like this, to tease and taunt her before taking her. Naomi was a good housewife and an obedient wife, but the thought of being wild and desired filled her with an excitement she had long forgotten.

Before she could really get into her fantasy, her mind was pulled back to reality by the sound of her phone ringing. She glanced at the caller ID and her heart almost jumped out of her chest. It was Edward, one of the partners at her husband’s law firm. Since she had no idea where her husband was, she thought she should answer.

Their conversation was terse at first, but eventually Edward asked if Naomi would like to meet up for lunch. She couldn’t believe it; it had been a long time since someone had asked her out on a date. She accepted, much to her surprise.

The rest of the day, Naomi was a mixture of nervousness and excitement. She’d never been unfaithful to her husband before and she wasn’t sure if she could go through with it. Would she be a bad person for cheating on him? She didn’t have time to ponder on the answer, as her appointment time with Edward was quickly approaching.

Naomi dressed carefully in a tight-fitting skirt and low-cut blouse. She wanted to present the image of a desirable woman, and it was clear that Edward was hoping for the same. As they sat down in the restaurant, Naomi could feel his gaze roaming over her body and she smiled.

During dinner, they laughed and joked, and even discussed Edward’s upcoming wedding. Naomi couldn’t bear to think of him with another woman and it was clear that he was attracted to her. He reached across the table and caressed her hand, sending sparks of electricity throughout her body.

When the dinner check came, Edward paid for it and suggested that they go somewhere else. Naomi was hesitant, but agreed to go back to his hotel room. When they arrived, it wasn’t long before their desire for each other was too great to resist.

Edward took her into his arms and kissed her, his lips moving hungrily against hers. His hands moved all over her body, exploring and caressing, and Naomi felt like all of her inhibitions had melted away. She moved her hands down to his pants, unzipping them and sliding her hand inside.

Edward let out a soft moan as Naomi wrapped her fingers around his erect penis, and she could feel the heat radiating off of him. They kissed and teased each other, before Edward gently pushed her onto the bed and began to undress her. His hands moved over her body, and Naomi felt as if she’d been transported to another world.

Edward continued to touch and tease her, as Naomi moaned and screamed in pleasure. She’d never felt anything like this before and it was both frightening and exhilarating. Before long Edward had her legs spread wide open, and in one swift motion, he entered her.

Naomi felt a rush of pleasure as he thrust into her, their bodies intertwined as they moved together in perfect harmony. Edward pounded into her, and she leaned back, letting the pleasure of the act wash over her. Edward kept his rhythm and Naomi could feel herself getting closer and closer to an inevitable climax.

Edward’s breathing became more and more labored as he sped up, and Naomi felt her own orgasm building up deep inside her. Just as she was about to reach her peak, Edward growled out one final thrust and collapsed onto her, both of them panting from the exertion.

Naomi lay in his arms afterwards, feeling both incredibly satisfied and completely guilty. This had been her first time cheating on her husband, and she was certain it wouldn’t be the last. As Edward ran his hands through her hair, she thought to herself that maybe it was time to spice up her marriage.

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