The Hot Stranger at the Bar

I was out at a local bar enjoying a few beers with friends when I noticed a stranger sitting alone at the bar. He was tall and handsome, with a chiseled face, deep brown eyes and a muscular physique. His eyes caught my attention right away, as if he were inviting me over to him. I couldn’t resist the temptation and struck up a conversation with him.

His name was Ryan. He told me he had just moved to town and was looking to make friends and meet new people. We talked for hours and I found him to be charming, witty and intelligent. I couldn’t help but be attracted to him and before long I was feeling aroused.

As the night went on, the conversation became more and more intimate. He hinted at having feelings for me and I totally felt the same way. I was so turned on that I wanted to do something about it.

We made excuses to leave the bar and ended up back at my place. As soon as we got in, I felt the air between us crackling with electricity. He kissed me hungrily and I could feel my heart racing as we tangled ourselves together. His fingers explored my body, making me moan with pleasure.

He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom, gently undressing me as he laid me down on the bed. I reached out and undid the belt of his jeans, revealing the hard length of his desire. I licked my lips and grinned as I straddled him and slowly eased my way down on his cock.

It felt amazing as I rode him, feeling every part of his body pressed against mine. His hands roamed my body and he kissed my neck, my breasts, and my inner thighs as I moved up and down his length. I was getting so turned on that I started to moan and pant as I got closer and closer to orgasm.

He kissed me deeply, pushing his tongue into my mouth and exploring my own. His hands moved to my ass, gripping it tightly as he thrust into me deeply. I could feel myself getting close and I begged him to keep going. I screamed his name as I finally felt that explosive orgasm take over my body.

Afterwards, I lay in his arms, exhausted and blissfully happy. We cuddled for a few moments before he asked me if I wanted to do something even more naughty. I nodded eagerly and he pulled me up from the bed and led me to the shower.

In the shower, we made love beneath the hot spray of water, his fingers and tongue exploring my body until I was a shuddering, screaming mess. We moved to the bed and he entered me from behind, his thrusts hard and fast. I screamed with pleasure as I came again and we lay there next to each other, sweaty and satisfied.

The next morning, Ryan left, not wanting to overstay his welcome. We exchanged numbers and parted ways with a promise to see each other again soon. I had experienced the most amazing night of my life and I was sure it was the start of something special.