The Afternoon Delight

The Afternoon Delight

Tina was feeling more than a little naughty—she had been horny the entire day and had been fantasizing about wild and forbidden sexual acts the entire afternoon. She was worn out from her dull day job but she still had the energy for some after-hours thrills. She spent the afternoon looking for a good time, cruising around the internet and checking out ads for escorts and brothels. But nothing seemed to catch her eye.

Then, out of nowhere came The Afternoon Delight. It was a private club with a unique twist. Ticket holders were promised a mysterious and exotic experience that was completely different than anything they’d ever encountered. The website promised a night of unbridled pleasure with no strings attached.

Tina felt her heart racing with anticipation— she was both excited and nervous. She bought a ticket and made her way to the club.

The club was dark and exotic, filled with alluring sensations. The walls were adorned with erotic artwork and there was music playing softly in the background. As the night progressed, people slowly began to fill the club.

Tina looked around to find the perfect partner for her Afternoon Delight. She quickly spotted a tall and handsome man standing in the corner, a glass of whiskey in his hand. She smiled and walked up to him.

The man turned and smiled when he saw Tina. “Good evening,” he said.

Tina could feel her heart racing, her body tingling with anticipation. She took his hand and he led her upstairs.

Upstairs, there was a spacious bedroom with a king-size bed and a Jacuzzi tub. The room was surprisingly clean and inviting—it was clear that The Afternoon Delight took pride in their facilities.

Tina and her partner stripped down, kissing and caressing each other as they went. Tina felt her skin heat up as they explored each other’s bodies, their hungry mouths exploring each other’s flesh.

He pushed her down onto the bed, his hard cock pressing against her as he ran his hands over her body. She gasped softly as she felt his tongue on her skin and she grabbed his head, urging him to continue.

He licked and kissed her pussy, teasing her with his tongue as he explored her tight wetness. He moved his mouth up to her breasts, nibbling on her nipples and sucking them as he moved down between her legs, pushing deeper and deeper inside of her.

Tina moaned in pleasure, her body quivering with delight in response. He held her hips as he moved within her, thrusting hard and rhythmically as they explored each other’s bodies.

He moved to the bed, laying her down and pushing his way inside of her. Tina gasped as his hard, throbbing cock filled her. He moved faster and harder, her cries rising in pitch with the intensity of their lovemaking.

She begged for more and he obliged, pushing her deeper and faster until she was screaming with pleasure.

Finally, they both lay spent and satisfied. Tina felt a wave of pleasure wash over her as their passionate lovemaking came to a close.

The Afternoon Delight was even better than she had imagined! Tina left the club happy and sated, ready to do it all over again.

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