Susanna Reid Lesbian

Susanna Reid Lesbian Sex Story

Susanna Reid loved to explore her sexuality. She had always been curious about women and was excited to have the opportunity to have a lesbian experience.

It was a Thursday afternoon when Susanna decided to try her luck and find a woman who would fulfill her lesbian desires. She tucked her long dark hair into a bun and applied a bold shade of lipstick to her full lips before heading out in search of an adventure.

She strolled the streets of the city and peered into each shop window as she went, noticing the occasional interested glance from other women along the way. Susanna was feeling confident and hopeful that her search would be fruitful.

Eventually, Susanna spotted a familiar face in a small secluded cafe near the outskirts of town. It was an attractive woman with an air of confidence about her. As Susanna approached, the woman’s gaze met hers and Susanna could feel the electricity between them.

Susanna introduced herself to the woman, who told her that her name was Sophie. The two of them got to talking and Susanna found out that Sophie was bisexual. They flirted and flirted and Susanna couldn’t help but become more and more intrigued by this mysterious woman.

With a little persuasion, Susanna managed to convince Sophie to come back to her place. As they drove the short distance, Susanna’s heart raced with anticipation.

When they arrived at the apartment, Susanna led Sophie straight to the bedroom, where she had already spread out some pillows and blankets. Susanna slowly peeled off each and every item of clothing and soon, the two of them were naked, lying on her bed and kissing passionately.

Susanna felt her body heat up as Sophie began to caress and explore her body. Sophie’s touch was gentle yet passionate and it sent shivers down Susanna’s spine. Soon, Sophie moved down to Susanna’s breasts, teasing and licking them before slipping even further down and beginning to tease Susanna’s wet pussy.

Susanna gasped in pleasure as Sophie circled her clit with her tongue. She writhed and moaned in delight, her hands tangled in Sophie’s hair as she encouraged her to keep going. Sophie continued to pleasure Susanna until she was a trembling mess of pleasure, before finally moving up to Susanna’s face to plant a trail of tender kisses.

The two of them then switched positions so that Sophie could experience the same pleasure that Susanna had just felt. Susanna licked and kissed Sophie’s breasts, before slipping down between her legs and licking and sucking her wet folds. Sophie moaned with delight and moved her hips in response to Susanna’s tongue.

Once Sophie was satisfied, they switched back over so that Susanna could feel the pleasure of oral sex once again. This time, they experimented with different moves and techniques, and Susanna found that she could barely contain her pleasure.

After moments of delicious sensations, Susanna and Sophie moved on to penetrate each other. Susanna slowly entered Sophie, sliding deeper and deeper with each thrust until Susanna felt an intense pleasure that sent her into a state of ecstasy. The two of them moved in perfect harmony until they both reached their climax.

When they were done, Susanna and Sophie lay in each other’s arms, satisfied and content with the experience they had just shared. Susanna had never experienced anything like it before and she felt more alive than ever before.

This was one night Susanna would never forget. She had finally discovered her true sexuality and she was now more determined than ever to explore it fully. Thanks to Sophie, Susanna Reid was a lesbian and she was loving it!

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