Clemmie And Twine

Clemmie and Twine had been flirting for weeks, never getting beyond that because of the restrictions of her work. She was a secretary of one of the wealthiest businessmen in the city and Twine was one of his drivers. But the chemistry between them was so strong they could barely keep their hands off each other when they were together.

It all changed one Tuesday when her boss had to go to the countryside to check out some land. Since they would be gone overnight, he was taking Twine with him and told her to take the day off.

That was all the encouragement the two of them needed and they decided to spend the day together. They went to a nearby hotel, not wanting anyone to know what they were doing.

Once in the hotel room, they were both overcome with desire for each other. Clemmie and Twine began to kiss each other hungrily as if they’d been wanting to do it forever.

Clemmie felt Twine’s hand sneaking under her blouse, caressing her skin. She moaned in pleasure as he touched her, loving the feeling of his fingers on her body. She began to rip off his shirt, revealing his toned chest, her lips passing all over it. Twine couldn’t take it anymore and he quickly repositioned them both so that he was on top of her.

Still kissing, he grabbed one of her legs and pulled it up, revealing her lacy lingerie. He moved his hand inside, rubbing her pussy through the fabric, driving her wild with pleasure. She moaned louder, pushing herself against his hand.

He moved away just enough to pull down her lingerie, giving him direct access to her warm wetness. Twine inserted his fingers inside her, rubbing her in all the right spots. With each brush of his fingers, Clemmie felt more and more pleasure, quickly reaching her peak.

With a lusty moan, Clemmie begged for more. Twine couldn’t deny her and quickly removed his pants and underwear. His hard, long cock was revealed and she gasped in awe at the sight of it. He began to stroke himself, allowing Clemmie to get a better view, before finally positioning himself between her legs.

Twine slowly slipped himself inside her, her wetness making it easier for him to penetrate her. He began thrusting inside her, gradually increasing in speed. The feeling of him inside her was overwhelming, pushing her closer and closer to her peak.

The two of them moved in perfect harmony, undulating against each other, the pleasure growing more and more intense with every movement. As they moved, Twine grabbed Clemmie’s hands and brought them above her head, pressing them against the headboard. She felt a surge of pleasure as she felt her body open up for him.

Twine moved even faster, pounding into her hard and fast. Clemmie felt his cock twitch inside her, a clear indication that he was close to orgasm. With one final thrust, he released his pleasure into her and Clemmie soon followed, crying out with pleasure as she felt her orgasm course through her body.

The two of them lay there in the afterglow, both completely spent. As they lay in each other’s arms, they knew this wasn’t the end. They’d be back at it soon, exploring each other in new and pleasurable ways. There was no limit to the pleasure they could experience together.

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