Subversive Anal Delights

As moans and blissful sighs filled the room, two lovers explored each other’s bodies as they indulged in a night of subversive anal delights. Neither of them had ever considered themselves to be anything but vanilla when it came to bedroom pleasures, but they were surprised to learn how incredibly enjoyable and satisfying it was.

The night began with a romantic and intimate dinner, filled with love and laughter. After the meal they discussed their desires, and they chose to explore the hidden depths of their own sexuality. They knew that venturing out of the mainstream and exploring their own unique boundaries would be a thrilling experience.

When they were finished with dinner, the two lovers decided to retire to the bedroom. There was a palpable buzz of anticipation mixed with a hint of uncertainty, but both felt deeply aroused by the prospect of experimenting with backdoor pleasures.

The lovers began by exchanging sensual and intimate touches. They used their hands, mouths and tongues to explore each other’s bodies, softly caressing, kissing and licking one another until their bodies were aching for more.

As their desire for one another began to peak, they shifted positions, the woman on her hands and knees, the man behind her, bracing against her opened thighs.

He began by slowly slipping a lubed up finger into her anus, her body shivering with pleasure at the foreign feeling. Once she was comfortable with the sensation, he began to move his finger in and out, punctuating each thrust with hot kisses on her neck and shoulders.

He played and teased her body until she was desperate for more. It seemed like she could not get enough of the feeling, her breathing quickening with each and every thrust. The feeling was incredible and she was overcome with pure pleasure.

Once he was sure she had fully enjoyed and acclimated to the sensation of his finger, the man slowly and carefully inserted another. Inside her, the pleasure was doubled, his fingers slowly and deftly exploring her innermost depths, pushing her past her limits of pleasure.

After a few moments of intense pleasure and exploration, the man began to slowly, carefully insert his shaft inside of her. She gasped and trembled in pleasure, her tight and inviting passage pleasurably clutching at him as he began to stroke inside of her.

The man kept his movements slow and controlled, taking his time to make sure she was enjoying the full experience. Each gentle thrust was a blessing, a tidal wave of pleasure washing over her as she shivered and gasped in delight.

The two moved in sync, each thrust and each moan building until they were both in the throes of mutual pleasure. The sensation was so intense that when the pair finally reached orgasm, it was a powerful and profound orgasm which shook them both to their very core.

The explosive orgasm eventually passed, leaving the two lovers lying in a contented, satisfied heap, completely and utterly in love.

Subversive anal delights had ended in a night of passionate and pleasurable pleasure, leaving the two lovers with a deeper understanding of their own sexuality and a newfound appreciation for one another.

For those brave enough to explore the depths of their own sexual desires, submissive anal delights have the potential to reward them with incredible pleasure and intimacy.

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