Miles of Anal Pleasure

Miles of Anal Pleasure – A Storytelling Sex Article

Miles found himself standing in a room filled with sumptuous velvet couches and golden plated furniture. He was alone, as he’d been for so long before, and felt no need to search for any company. He was plenty satisfied with being on his own, exploring and experiencing his own pleasures. But today, things were different.

At the foot of one of the velvet couches, he noticed something he had never seen before. Instead of the usual sex toys and curious contraptions that often littered the floor of the sensual dungeon he found himself in, there was a strange contraption of metal and wires he couldn’t quite put his finger on. He knelt down in front of it, deep in thought, until he finally realized what it was.

He gingerly touched the object, feeling its cold metal as if it were alive. The metal was smooth and inviting, and there were buttons and dials all across its surface. A description in small print at the top of the contraption said “Miles of Anal Pleasure.”

Miles grinned. He knew he’d found a wonderful treat. He grabbed the machine and dragged it back to the couch, sitting down and positioning the machine just right between his feet. He adjusted the dials and buttons, making sure the machine was setup for maximum pleasure.

He lay down, kicked off his shoes, and positioned the machine just right. Then, pulling up the velvet blanket, he reached down, grabbed the controllers, and let out a low moan as he pressed the start button.

The machine’s mechanical whirring began as it heated up. He felt its warmth radiating through the sheets. He moaned even louder as it started vibrating, faster and faster, until it was almost too much for him to handle.

He adjusted the dials and clicked the buttons, bringing the intensity up and down as he found the perfect level of pleasure. He thrashed around, unable to keep still as it felt like a thousand little fingers were working and playing inside him.

Miles soon lost himself in the pleasure. Nothing else mattered as his body experienced sensations he had never felt before. He felt like he was being stretched, filled, and filled some more. The machine seemed to be taking him to a realm of ecstasy, and he could feel every ripple and shake of his body as the machine moved up and down and around his cock.

He rode the waves of pleasure, higher and higher, screaming out in joy as he reached a new level of bliss he had never known. Just as he thought he couldn’t take any more, the machine stopped and Miles lay there, exhausted but with a smile on his face.

He had achieved miles of anal pleasure, and it was all thanks to his new favorite toy. He lay there for a few more minutes, allowing his body to cool down from the intense pleasure of the machine. Then he dissembled the machine and put it away, ready to look for another stimulation to pleasure himself with some other day.

Miles had found himself a new pleasure, and one he knew would never let him down. With just a few adjustments, the Miles of Anal Pleasure machine had become his secret weapon, and one he would use again and again.

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