Submitting to His Dominance

They had been friends for years, but it was only recently that their relationship had gained a whole new dynamic. Ever since the night three weeks ago when Alex had shown her just how dominating he could be, Ella had been completely at his mercy.

Now, he had been begging her to come over to his place, promising all sorts of naughty things that would happen when she was there. She ached to give into his desires and finally, Ella decided to take the plunge. She arrived at the address he had given her, feeling a mixture of anticipation and nerves.

When the door opened, Alex’s dark eyes immediately locked on hers and Ella felt her heart flutter. He stepped aside to let her in and she could feel her body trembling as she walked past him into the living room. He had been so sweet and gentle with her until now, but she could feel the dominating energy oozing from him as he closed the door behind her.

Without a word, Alex grabbed her wrist and pulled her further into the room. He pushed her onto the sofa and then knelt down in front of her, his eyes never leaving hers. He locked his hands behind her back and Ella gasped, taken aback by the sudden restraints.

What was he going to do?

A smirk crept across Alex’s lips as he leaned in closer to her, the warmth of his breath sending shivers down her spine. He whispered something in her ear, something naughty and forbidden, and that was all it took to send her over the edge.

He held her in place as best he could as Ella let out a whimper, overwhelmed by the sensation of submission he had invoked in her. Alex teased her, using light strokes and kisses to drive her even wilder, before finally slipping his hand between her legs and stroking her inner thighs.

The sensation was exquisite and Ella found herself arching her back, desperate for more. She could feel her wetness start to flow as his fingers lightly moved up and down her skin, sending jolts of pleasurable shockwaves through her.

Alex smiled again, clearly enjoying the power he had over her now, and leaned in even closer. His breath was hot on her neck as he whispered something else in her ear, something even dirtier than the first time.

Ella felt her heart flutter, her body aching for more as he kissed a trail along the side of her neck. His hands moved further up, caressing her breasts before teasing her nipples. Ella couldn’t help but moan, her body tense with pleasure.

He was in complete control now, and he knew it. With one deft movement, he flipped her over onto her hands and knees. She whimpered again, not quite sure what he was going to do next.

Alex knelt down behind her and grabbed her hips, pushing himself deep inside her as he started thrusting wildly. Ella could feel herself start to shake as the pleasure built up inside her, her moans becoming louder and louder as he went faster and faster.

He wasn’t gentle with her, not in the least, but Ella found herself craving it even more. She wanted him to dominate her, to take her to new heights and bring out the slut she had been hiding away for so long.

Alex complied, thrusting harder and faster, his hands roaming her body as if it were his own. She could feel herself getting closer and closer and then finally, as he reached his own climax, Ella let out one final scream of pleasure as she came too.

She collapsed onto the floor, her body trembling and her mind spinning as the pleasure slowly faded away. Alex lay down beside her, a smug smirk on his face. He had claimed her, and he knew it.

Ella looked up at him with a mix of admiration and awe. She had never imagined that her friend could be so masterful in the bedroom, so utterly dominating. She couldn’t help but smile, knowing that she had just taken part in one of the most exhilarating sexual experiences of her life.

She had finally submitted to his dominance, and it was all worth it in the end.

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