My First Time With Her Sexy Girlfriends

My First Time With Her Sexy Girlfriends

It was my first time with her sexy girlfriends… and I was excited beyond belief. I had been trying to make it happen for years, and finally it was a reality.

We had met in a local bar, and were instantly drawn to each other. I had been attracted to her ever since we met, and the feeling was mutual. She had invited me back to her place, and as we drove there, I felt my heart racing in anticipation of the night to come.

When we arrived, her two friends were already there, eagerly waiting to meet me. They were both incredibly sexy, and much to my delight, clearly enjoyed my presence. We wasted no time and began to undress each other and caress one another with hands and tongues.

The four of us explored each other’s bodies in ways I had never experienced before. Each touch was electric, as if every nerve in our bodies was attuned to each other’s needs and desires.

We kissed and nibbled on each other’s necks, breasts and crotches, heightening the intensity of our already frenzied passions. The sight of the three of them exploring my body was beyond arousing and I was soon lost in a sea of desire.

For what felt like hours, we explored each other’s bodies. Every touch, every kiss and every caress felt like a dream. I intended to savor every moment of our passionate night, and it was glorious.

Finally, we moved towards the main event. I could feel my heart racing as I, for the first time, entered her sexy girlfriends. The sensation was overwhelming and I was quickly lost in the depths of pleasure.

Every push of my hips heightened the pleasure and my body quivered with ecstasy. Their moans and whimpers of pleasure only added to the experience, and soon we were lost in the intensity of our climaxes.

We lay in a heap afterwards, exhausted, but blissfully satiated. Never had sex been so fulfilling and enjoyable. We lay there in each other’s arms and I felt my heart swell with contentment. I had finally experienced my fantasy of being with three sexy and passionate women at once.

That night was far beyond anything I could have imagined, and I will forever cherish it in my memories. From that night on, I will never be the same.

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