Strip Games For Couples

Karen and Michael had been married for almost ten years now, but their sex life had become increasingly stale over the past few years. As much as they loved each other and were still very attracted to each other, they often struggled to maintain any kind of spark in the bedroom. In an effort to revive their sex life, the two decided to try something new.

After a few searches online, the couple found exactly what they were looking for — strip games for couples. They decided to give it a try, purchasing a few deck cards and playing sets of strip poker, spin the bottle, and truth or dare.

The first night they tried the games, they instantly felt the change. There was an energy in the room and a feeling of newness. Not only did the games give them something to do and keep the evening exciting, but it also made them feel more adventurous and in the mood.

They were both instantly aroused and couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Michael was completely taken by Karen’s body and her curves. In the game of strip poker, Karen soon found herself completely naked — which was exactly what Michael wanted.

Michael removed his clothes and the two began to touch each other eagerly. Their hands moved all over each other’s bodies, exploring every inch and making each other quiver with desire. They kissed passionately, exploring each other’s mouths, and Michael moved his hands down Karen’s body, taking in the sight of her as she moaned and gasped with pleasure.

Karen then took the lead and moved her hands down to Michael’s lower regions. She ran her fingers over his hardened length, making him moan and arch his back in pleasure. She then put his cock in her mouth, taking it in and taking pleasure in the feel of it. Michael’s hands moved through her hair as she pleasured him.

The two then moved over to the bed and began to make love. Michael moved his hands all around Karen’s body, exploring her and causing her pleasure with every touch. He licked and kissed her body, paying particular attention to her breasts as he massaged them and sucked them.

Karen then straddled Michael and began to ride him. She moved her body in circles, slowly and teasingly, teasing him until he couldn’t take it anymore. She then increased her movement, pushing him closer and closer to orgasm. Michael grabbed her hips and thrust into her, the sensations of pleasure overwhelming them both.

Karen and Michael reached orgasm together, their bodies trembling with pleasure. Afterwards they lay in bed, exhausted but with a newfound passion between them. Karen and Michael had learned that with a little bit of creativity and some games, they could once again ignite their flame and enjoy a night full of pleasure. From then on, Karen and Michael made it a part of their weekly routine to play strip games and reignite their sex life. Every time was a new experience and each time their passion increased. They knew that their relationship had been restored to its full potential and they were thoroughly enjoying this new way of connecting with each other.

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