Nude Athlete

Nude Athlete

The summer had been unusually hot. Everywhere Anna looked she saw people fanning themselves in an effort to beat the heat. She didn’t have that problem. Her skin was toned from hours of running, swimming and biking. She was a nude athlete and she was proud to show her beautiful body to the world.

Anna had been training for the upcoming Olympic Games and this summer was the peak of her physical fitness. Everywhere she went, heads turned as she ran. Some would cheer her on and some would just stare in awe. She loved the attention and felt beautiful as she moved.

Today she was finishing her last training session before the competition. She had decided to go for one last run, to end the day on a high note. As she was running, she noticed two men walking alongside the several other people that were out and about. They were both wearing tight tank tops and shorts, which highlighted the curves of their bodies and then she realized, they were both completely nude.

She stopped in her tracks, shocked and intrigued by the sight. After a few moments, she gathered her wits and began to jog slowly past them. As she ran past, she felt their eyes on her body, admiring and appraising her body. She felt a tingle of excitement rush through her and she couldn’t resist smiling back at them.

As she rounded the corner, she felt a strong hand grasp her arm and pull her off the path. She was surprised, but the feeling was soon replaced with a wave of pleasure as the man kissed her deeply.

He was warm and inviting, and his hands explored her body with a familiarity that made her melt. She felt the heat of his body on hers as his hands roamed her body, feeling her curves and exploring her most intimate places.

The other man stepped closer, watching and exploring the new sensations that Anna was feeling. His hands caressed her legs and buttocks as the first man continued to kiss and touch her body. The sensation was intoxicating and Anna soon lost all control, giving in to the wave of pleasure that was washing over her.

The two men began to undress, revealing perfect, toned bodies. Anna’s eyes widened and she couldn’t help but admire them. She was ready to take her pleasure even further and soon found herself in between them, their hands exploring her body as they teased and tantalized her.

The first man leaned in and captured her lips in a passionate kiss, her body writhing in pleasure beneath him. She felt the other man behind her, pressing his body against hers, teasing her with his hands and then finally entering her.

The pleasure was intense and Anna felt like she was in a dream. The two men continued to pleasure her body, moving in and out of her as they explored every inch of her body with their hands and mouths. She felt her orgasm rising, the sensations intensifying until she couldn’t take anymore.

Finally the men reached their own climax and the feeling of their warmth and their seed filling her body was too intense to describe. As they lay there, spent and exhausted, Anna felt contentment wash over her. She had never felt this way before and felt proud to be able to share this experience with two beautiful nude athletes.

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