Step Mom Gives Son Hj While Injured

Steamy Step Mom Gives Son Handjob While Injured

It all started when Mark, a college student, was injured in a car accident. He was just returning home from a party when the accident happened, leaving him with a few broken bones. Mark’s step-mom, Sarah, was there for him every step of the way, taking care of him as he recovered from his injuries.

When she noticed that Mark was feeling a bit low and down due to the injury and being stuck at home, Sarah decided to do something special for him. She decided that she would give him a handjob, something he had never had before.

Sarah began by massaging Mark’s body, lightly stroking and rubbing his back, arms, and legs. She worked her way up, to his chest and shoulders, caressing every inch of his body. As she did, she noticed that Mark’s breathing became deeper and he seemed to be responding to her touch.

That’s when Sarah decided to take it a step further. She moved her hands down to Mark’s crotch, gently stroking his penis through his jeans. Mark moaned in pleasure as she did so, and Sarah smiled, knowing that her plan had been successful.

Sarah then began to unbutton the front of Mark’s jeans and slip her hand inside. His cock felt hard and ready in her hand, and she began to slowly stroke it up and down. Mark’s breathing became even deeper and more intense, and she could feel his body tensing as she continued her handjob.

Finally, after a few minutes of intense pleasure, Mark was ready to come. Sarah increased the speed and pressure of her handjob, and soon he was crying out in pleasure as he came all over her hand.

When they were finished, Sarah looked at Mark and smiled. She had been worried that this would be too much for him, especially in his condition. But it appeared she had been wrong; Mark had enjoyed himself immensely.

Afterwards, Mark thanked Sarah for her incredible handjob. He told her that it was one of the most pleasurable experiences of his life, and Sarah was glad that she had been able to do something special for him. They hugged, and from then on, their relationship changed forever.

From that day forward, Sarah took on a more motherly role in Mark’s life, taking care of him and helping him in any way that she could. It was a beautiful thing to witness, and their relationship only grew stronger with every passing day.

The handjob that Sarah had given Mark that day was something that he would never forget. It was a moment of pleasure and pleasure like no other, and it was a moment that had forever changed the two of them. It was something that Mark would never take for granted, and it was something that Sarah was pleased to have been able to give him.

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