Saga Of A Chronic Masturbator

Saga Of A Chronic Masturbator

Chad was a chronic masturbator. From the time he was old enough to know what it was and that it could be pleasurable, he had been engaging in it. While the incidence of masturbation is generally considered to be quite high, Chad was a true master at it. He would do it quite often, sometimes multiple times a day, and often with quite intense pleasure. Chad had never been with another person sexually, and he rarely fantasized about it. He seemed to take great pleasure in simply pleasing himself.

One day, Chad decided he wanted to take his chronic masturbation to the next level. He had heard stories from friends about visiting prostitutes and decided he wanted to do that. After doing some research, he found an escort service he felt comfortable with and made an appointment.

On the day of his appointment, Chad was a bundle of nerves. He had never been with a woman in a sexual way before, and he was nervous about not knowing what to expect or how to behave. When he arrived at the address, he was greeted by a friendly and understanding woman who seemed to understand his situation and put him at ease.

Once he was in the room, the woman introduced herself as a prostitute and asked him what he was looking for. Chad told her he was looking to experience something different and get out of his comfort zone. The prostitute then proceeded to teach him how to pleasure himself. She showed him how to use his hands to touch himself and build up pleasure, as well as how to use his tongue to kiss and lick his body for maximum arousal. She then taught him how to enjoy oral sex and blowjobs, as well as use his fingers to pleasure himself internally.

Once Chad had become more comfortable with his new skills, the prostitute asked if he wanted to try anal sex. Chad had heard about the pleasures it could bring, but he was hesitant and unsure. The prostitute reassured him that she was experienced and would take things slowly, so he agreed.

She proceeded to show him how to relax his anus and start penetration slowly. Once Chad was comfortable and aroused, the prostitute started to get more aggressive in her movements, which brought Chad to the brink of orgasm. That is when Chad realized that the pleasure he was experiencing was much more intense and enjoyable than anything he had felt before.

When it was over, Chad was a changed man. He was no longer ashamed of his chronic masturbation and was eager to experience more. He thanked the prostitute for her guidance and understanding and visited her again a few days later.

Since then, Chad has become an avid participant in the world of sex and eroticism. He no longer relies solely on masturbation for pleasure and has become quite open to new experiences. He has also been able to develop his skills in the bedroom and truly appreciate the art of sex. His story is one of liberation, self-discovery and sexual awakening, which is why it’s known as the saga of a chronic masturbator.