Slutwife Texts

Slutwife Texts – A Hot Sex Story

It was a typical Friday night for the couple, both of them eager to spend some time together after a long work week. They had been married for more than 10 years and both had busy careers, but they still found time for each other. They had been texting each other all week, and it had been getting increasingly naughty and sexual as the days went on.

John was the kind of guy who loved to surprise his wife with unexpected gifts. He decided that night he wanted to make something special for her, something that would make her feel warm, wanted and desired. After browsing online for some ideas, he came across the perfect gift – slutwife text messages!

John liked the idea of being able to send his wife naughty and sexy texts, knowing that she would be alone and reading them late at night, getting aroused and wet for him. The texts seemed like the perfect way to surprise his wife, as he knew she would be expecting something special from him.

He sent her a text saying, “I have something special for you tonight.”

The text made her heart race with anticipation. She eagerly opened the text, to find a picture of John nude, one arm outstretched in a gesture of invitation. His body was toned, his penis erect. She felt herself blush, her nipples harden, her pussy wet.

John then began sending her a series of explicit messages, calling her naughty names, telling her how much he wanted to fuck her. Each text got more and more explicit, his language getting dirtier and dirtier with each message. His texts made her feel aroused and consumed with desire.

John then asked her to meet him at a hotel room he had booked for the night. She nervously agreed, not knowing what to expect. She wore a slinky black dress, flaunting her curves and cleavage, feeling confident and sexy. As she arrived at the hotel, she was met with a bottle of champagne and a dozen red roses. She gasped.

John then stepped out from the shadows, wearing nothing but a towel, his penis still erect. She felt her heart racing, feeling incredibly aroused by the sight of him. He took her into his arms and kissed her deeply, hungrily exploring her mouth with his tongue. She felt herself melting into him, feeling his desire and passion.

They made their way to the bedroom and suddenly, it was like all of the texts had come to life. He grabbed her and pushed her onto the bed, shedding the towel and revealing his gorgeous body. She moaned as his hard cock pressed against her and the sensation filled her with pleasure.

John began to kiss her passionately, exploring her body with his hands, paying special attention to her most intimate areas. Her moans became louder and louder as his tongue explored her deepest depths. She trembled with pleasure as he teased, licked and sucked her, pleasuring her like never before.

John then entered her, thrusting deeply as both of them reached their climax. She screamed with pleasure, completely overwhelmed by the intensity of the sex they were having. His thrusts were strong and powerful, sending waves of pleasure through her body. She felt completely consumed by her husband and her love for him.

Afterwards, they lay in each other’s arms, exhausted and sated. John kissed her gently and said, “I love you, my little slutwife”. She blushed, then smiled and whispered back, “I love you too.”

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