Cumforcarly – An Intense Hot Sex Story

Cumforcarly was an exotic dancer and a professional escort. She had a sizzling body, with curves that could give any man a hard on at the drop of a hat. Her gorgeous face and curves made her as popular as an escort could be.

She lived in a quiet neighborhood in the city, and her clientele was mostly upper-class businessmen and socialites who wanted to get away from their mundane lives and enjoy the excitement of being with a sexy and naughty woman. Her services were always discreet, and her clients never had to worry about indiscretions.

One of her clients, Bill, was particularly pleased with her. He was a wealthy businessman who loved to explore his more carnal desires with Cumforcarly. He had a passion for BDSM, and she had always been willing to explore that passion with him.

Today was no different. He arrived at her door, already turned on and ready to enjoy some naughty fun. She opened the door and greeted him with a sexy smile. She had already prepared the room prior to his arrival, with the lights dimmed and various BDSM toys laid out on the bed and around the room.

Bill stepped in and was filled with pleasure as he saw Cumforcarly standing before him, wearing a tight black leather corset and matching gloves. She had her long dark hair tied up in a knot, her full lips painted a ruby-red, and her eyes glistening with desire.

She stepped closer and reached for his hand. She pulled him to the bed and began to undress him with her skilled hands. His desire was palpable and his erection hardening with her every touch, as she prepared him to take all that he had to offer her.

Once he was completely naked, she began to kiss and lick every inch of him, exploring his body with her mouth and tongue. She licked his nipples and the sensitive area behind his ear, before moving to the more intimate areas of his anatomy. She licked and sucked his cock, gently swirling her tongue over and around it. The sensations sent shivers through his body, as she moved down to give him oral pleasure.

Her head bobbed up and down as she worked her tongue expertly around his shaft. His moans of pleasure filled the room as she took him deep into her throat and sucked him hard. He grabbed onto her hair as she worked him, coming closer and closer to the pleasure of orgasm.

Finally, he could take no more and cummed hard, filling her mouth with his salty pleasure. He fell onto the bed, exhausted and yet still wanting more. She smiled at him and began to strip off her lingerie, revealing her perfect and toned body beneath. He couldn’t believe the beauty of her curves, her firm and ample breasts, her full lips, and her tight ass.

She moved closer to him and straddled him, pressing her tight pussy against his hard cock. She began to grind against him, and it wasn’t long before he was ready to take her. He entered her slowly, pushing into her tight walls as she moaned with pleasure.

With each thrust, she cried out louder and louder, riding him hard and taking all that he had to offer. He loved the way she moved, her body rocking against his as she rode him to orgasm. Finally, he could take no more and cummed hard, spilling his pleasure inside her.

The intense pleasure of orgasm left both of them exhausted, but still wanting more. She lay beside him and stroked his cheek, as they enjoyed the afterglow of their lovemaking. He smiled and kissed her tenderly, before he finally took his leave.

He had a relaxed and satisfied smile on his face as he left, knowing that he had enjoyed Cumforcarly to the fullest. As he walked away, she watched him go with a satisfied smile of her own, happy that she had been able to make another man’s fantasies come true.

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