Sissy And Missy

Missy had been alone for a while; she was lonely and looking for someone to share the night with. She had heard about Sissy through a mutual friend, they had corresponded a few times and Missy found Sissy to be quite charming and attractive so she decided to take a chance and arrange a date.

Missy had bought a new outfit for the occasion, a tight black dress and high heels. She was feeling particularly confident and sexy as she made her way to the address she was given for the rendezvous.

When she arrived, she found Sissy waiting outside the door. Missy’s breath caught in her throat as she saw the full figure of Sissy. She was wearing a tight purple dress that hugged her curves in all the right places and her long blonde hair framed her face in a perfect way. In that moment, Missy felt like she had stepped into a dream.

Sissy smiled at Missy and took her hand to lead her inside. The house was dark and the only light came from flickering candles. Sissy led Missy to the bedroom, where she began to undress her slowly and seductively.

Missy felt a shiver of excitement travel up her back as Sissy’s hands explored her body. Sissy’s fingertips were like fire upon her skin, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her veins. Missy moaned in delight as Sissy made her way down her body, her tongue exploring and ravishing her most intimate places.

Time no longer had any meaning for Missy as she lost herself in the pure pleasure that Sissy was delivering. Their bodies moved together in perfect harmony as they explored each other. Missy had never felt so alive before.

Once they had finished, Sissy lay down beside Missy and pulled her close. Kissing her tenderly, she whispered in her ear, “you are my little slut and tonight I’m going to make all your fantasies come true.”

And that’s exactly what she did. Sissy explored every inch of Missy’s body, pushing her limits further with each new thing they tried. She teased, caressed, and drove Missy wild with pleasure. Sissy seemed to know exactly how to please her, pushing her buttons in all the right ways.

Missy felt like a naughty slut in Sissy’s arms and it was exhilarating. She loved the way Sissy took control and explored her body with expertise. As the night went on, their lovemaking became even more intense and Missy found herself on the brink of orgasm more times than she could count.

When the night was over, both of them were exhausted but completely satisfied. They lay in each other’s arms for a little while, just relishing the afterglow of their passionate encounter.

Missy left Sissy’s house in the morning, feeling more alive and fulfilled than ever before. She felt like she had found the one and knew she would never forget this night, the night she spent with her sultry, naughty mistress, Sissy.

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