Farm Sex

The sun was setting, casting an orange hue over the sprawling farmlands of the Midwestern United States. Ernest, a 24 year old farmer, had just finished his chores for the evening and decided to take a break. He hopped onto his all-terrain vehicle, revved the engine and began to explore the farmlands.

As Ernest roamed, he noticed something peculiar in the distance. It was a large red light, mounted on a wooden post. He realized it must be a brothel. Although Ernest had never visited a brothel before, he was enamored by the prospect of exploring its secrets. He was filled with curiosity and excitement as he approached the post.

As Ernest got closer to the brothel, he noticed a woman standing in the yard. She was wearing a revealing pink skirt and a low-cut blouse, exposing her ample cleavage. Ernest’s heart raced as he stepped off his vehicle. He walked up to the woman and introduced himself. She smiled and said her name was Bree.

Bree welcomed Ernest and invited him inside. The two of them entered the brothel and Ernest was taken aback by the luxurious décor. Rich velvet curtains hung from the walls and a chandelier sparkled in the center of the room. He was also surprised by the sheer number of women that worked there, all wearing revealing lingerie and eager to provide their services.

Ernest chose a room and Bree escorted him upstairs. There was a bed covered in soft sheets and the walls were adorned with erotic artwork. Ernest and Bree made small talk for awhile before things started to get more intimate. Bree guided Ernest’s hands to her body and his heart thundered in his chest. He started to explore her body, feeling the curves of her waist and the warmth of her skin.

Ernest started to kiss Bree’s neck and shoulders before working his way down her body. His hands roamed freely, exploring her curves and stimulating her most sensitive areas. Bree was enjoying the sensations and urged Ernest on, encouraging him to go further. Ernest took off his clothes and then removed Bree’s, exposing her beautiful body.

Ernest and Bree explored each others bodies, tasting and teasing one another. Ernest teased Bree’s nipples with his tongue, sending waves of pleasure through her body. He then moved downwards, exploring her innermost secrets and kissing her most intimate areas. Bree moaned in pleasure and Ernest could feel her wetness against his fingers. He then moved up, pressing his hard member against Bree’s waist.

Bree encouraged Ernest to enter her and he did, pushing himself into her depths. They both moaned loudly as the pleasure increased. Ernest moved faster, thrusting his hips in time with Bree’s. They moved together, creating an intense rhythm that built and built until Ernest unleashed his orgasm. Bree followed soon after, screaming out in pleasure and collapsing onto the bed in an orgasmic state.

Ernest and Bree lay side by side in the afterglow of their passionate encounter. They talked for awhile before getting dressed and sharing a final embrace. Ernest thanked Bree for the experience and then exited the brothel, his heart still racing in excitement.

Ernest rode home, still feeling the thrill of the experience. He was feeling more alive than ever and he had Bree to thank for it. He had just experienced something powerful and life changing and he knew that Farm Sex was something he’d never forget.

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