She Wanted It Raw

She Wanted It Raw

The sun was just coming up on the horizon, painting the sky in shades of pink and orange, creating a breathtaking view. It was going to be a beautiful day and Linda was already up, filling up the bathtub to get ready for her day. She knew it was going to be a long and arduous day, filled with endless tasks of planning, meetings and running her small business, but that didn’t slow her down. With a smile, she stepped into the warm bath, taking a moment to fully enjoy the feeling of the hot, soothing water on her skin.

But the moment was quickly broken by the sound of her phone ringing, buzzing and blaring relentlessly. With a sigh, Linda grabbed her phone, to see who would be disturbing her peace so early in the morning. It was a text message from her friend, Jenny, who wanted to meet up for lunch in a few hours. Linda considered turning it down, but finally accepted.

She hadn’t seen Jenny in a while, and decided it was a good way to take a break before getting back to work. Plus, it was already planned so she had to make it.

Hours later, Linda arrived at the restaurant and quickly spotted Jenny in the corner booth. Walking up to the table, she greeted Jenny with a huge hug.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” Jenny said excitedly. “I’ve missed you so much. Now that we have a chance to catch up. What have you been up to?”

Linda smiled, excited to finally have the opportunity to share with her friend all the wild and exciting things she’d been up to. She told Jenny about her business, her travels, her new apartment, and most importantly, her newfound obsession with exploring her sexuality. Linda had been looking for something to spice up her life, something different and exciting.

She blushed as she spoke, feeling embarrassed and exposed, but Jenny just smiled and nodded her head knowingly. She urged Linda to open up and tell her more, and so Linda told her about her recent exploration with BDSM, her fascination with the taboo and kink, and the daredevil lifestyle she was now leading.

Linda had begun to feel more and more comfortable in her own skin, to the point where she was ready to take her sexual exploration further. She wanted to take it to a place she’d only dreamed about. She wanted to experience raw, passionate, uninhibited sex.

A vision of her dream man flashed in her head, an image of strong arms and hypnotic eyes that would leave her breathless. Suddenly she was wide awake, and ready to turn her dreams into reality.

Without wasting any more time, Linda got up to leave so that she could make her way to the place she knew she could find her perfect companion. She thanked Jenny for her support and rushed out the door, telling her friend that she would keep her informed of what happened.

That evening, Linda arrived at the exclusive dark club she had heard about, her heart thudding wildly in her chest with excitement. She felt out of place in such a place, surrounded by confident men and women who seemed to know exactly what they wanted. Ignoring her nerves, she pushed forward and made her way to the bar.

She ordered a drink and forced herself to look around, her eyes falling on a strong-looking man in the corner. He oozed sex appeal, raw and untamed, and it sent a shiver up her spine. She had found what she was looking for.

Making her way to the man, Linda introduced herself, feeling as if all the rules of social conduct were being tossed aside. She wanted it raw and mysterious, and there was something about this man that was just that. The conversation was effortless, and before long Linda was confessing her deepest desires and fantasies, finally able to lay her truth on the table.

He listened intently, agreeing to be willing to satisfy Linda’s needs, pushing the boundaries and taking her to a place that was completely new and unexplored. She felt charged up, antsy, and wild, excited and ready to take the leap.

Leaving the club, they decided to head to her place, the energy crackling between them as they walked. They were both electric, moved by pure desire, and their steps quickened as they left the club behind.

Linda welcomed the man into her home, the soft glow of moonlight cascading through the window. She was on fire, the desire burning brighter than ever before, and before long they were locked in a passionate embrace.

They fell onto the bed, writhing and tearing at each other’s clothing, splintering it off, taking it a step further. There was no need for introductions, no need for niceties, just a bare and desperate passion.

The man pushed her body into submission, and Linda had never felt such pleasure before. She found his dominance unbearable, giving her a sense of joy, satisfaction and liberation all at the same time.

Hours had gone by, but Linda’s body was still screaming for more. Every touch drove her wild, and the man seemed to sense it, using all the instruments of pleasure available to him.

They explored each other’s bodies, completely free and unashamed, and it was the most blissful, intimate experience Linda had ever encountered. It was as if they had been given a secret, and they were both reaping the rewards.

Finally, Linda reached the peak of her pleasure, crying out in sheer ecstasy, completely vulnerable in that moment. It was the raw, wild, uninhibited sex she had been seeking.

The man embraced her in his arms, holding her tenderly until the pleasure began to subside, and they eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The sun had begun to rise when Linda awoke, and she smiled as she looked at her lover beside her, feeling as if all her dreams had come true. She had gotten everything she wanted. She had wanted it raw, and raw was what she had got.

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