His Obsession: An Office Affair

Once upon a time, there was a young and successful professional named Brad, who worked as a corporate lawyer. He was a workaholic who only had one passion in life: his job.

He enjoyed the challenges of his job, the thrill of the negotiations, and the power that it gave him over the people around him. He had achieved a lot in his career, and he was proud of it. His colleagues admired and respected him, and his recognition by his bosses was undeniable.

One day, something strange happened to Brad: he met Sally, the new secretary at his office. She was young, beautiful, and bubbly. He had noticed her the moment he had seen her on her first day at the office, but it was only after several months of seeing her in the office that he started to feel something more than admiration.

It was as if he was constantly looking forward to her presence, and every time she came in the room, it was like seeing a star walking in. Her beauty and charm made him fascinated and he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

It wasn’t long before Brad realized that his obsession with Sally was more than admiration, it was a deep and passionate love. He could no longer concentrate on his work and the meetings he had with other people. All he could think about was Sally and be with her.

Knowing that it was impossible for him to have a committed relationship with her, he was afraid to express his feelings. He tried to ignore the obsession, but it only made him suffer more.

The months passed with his unending desire for Sally and during that time, Brad changed a great deal. He lost interest in his work and the people around him and his life started to revolve around Sally. He could think of nothing else but her and his obsession was beginning to drive him mad.

One day, Sally noticed how Brad had been behaving and she asked him why he was treating her so differently. Brad confessed his feelings, and Sally was surprised at how deeply and truly he loved her. She had also developed feelings for him and was unable to keep away anymore.

The two of them agreed to pursue a secret office affair, a relationship that only they would know about. Every day, they would steal some moments in the office and sneak away during lunch time or sneak into the conference room for a quiet talk.

On some occasions, when it was late, they would take a risk and go to Brad’s place, where they could be together in privacy. Their love developed and deepened, and they shared many intimate moments.

Their affair started to blossom and, slowly, it began to affect other aspects of Brad’s life. He was no longer invested in his job but instead, he was becoming more desperate to spend time with Sally. He obsessed over her even more, and it was like an addiction he couldn’t control.

He started to ignore everything and everyone else and focused his attentions solely on Sally. He thought about her every second of the day, and his love for her kept growing, even though it was an impossible one to achieve.

Things kept going on this way, until one day, some of Brad’s colleagues noticed the changes in his behavior and started to question it. Soon, rumors started circulating in the office and everyone knew about Brad’s affair with Sally.

The news reached the ears of their boss, and Brad and Sally were both punished for their relationship. Despite the punishment, the two of them never stopped loving each other and sacrificing for their loved one.

Their story may have ended on a sad note, but it was a reminder of how powerful and timeless true love could be. True love can put everything else aside, even career and reputation. It can last forever, even when it seems impossible.

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