Seven Sister Escort

The summer heat made it unbearable to even step outside and so I decided it was the perfect time to try something new and exciting. After surfing the web for ages, I finally found what I was looking for: Seven Sister Escort.

It was a small discreet agency located on the edge of town that offered a variety of services. I was intrigued by their promise of discretion and confidentiality, and their impeccable selection of escorts. I decided to take the plunge and book an appointment.

When I arrived at the designated address, I was immediately greeted by two beautiful women, both dressed in tight-fitting dresses. They had a friendly air about them and welcomed me inside the door. We were led through a luxurious parlor and up a grand staircase.

At the top of the stairs, I was shown into a large, dark room, with a large bed in the center of it. The two women who greeted me were the same two who I had seen in the parlor and they were both wearing next to nothing. I was instructed to sit on the bed, and it was then that I realized what I had gotten myself into.

The two women, who I later learned were called Lila and Valentina, surrounded the bed and began to touch me in a very seductive manner. Their hands roamed all over my body, exploring every inch of me with their soft fingertips. They kissed and caressed my body until I was aroused and begging for them to take me further.

Valentina then stripped off all of her clothing and straddled my body, pressing herself into me and moaning with pleasure as she ground against me. Meanwhile, Lila stood back and observed with a lustful gaze as Valentina took control.

Valentina moved her body up and down and around, pushing deeper and faster as the pleasure grew. She then reached down and teased my cock with her hands, rubbing it and pleasuring me until I could take no more.

When I was ready, Lila stepped in and began to caress me. She leaned in and kissed my neck, her lips sending shivers down my spine as she moved around my body. She then moved down and around my cock, pushing it inside her mouth and sucking it until I was ready to release.

The two women then switched positions and Valentina took control. She pushed her body onto me and started to grind her hips, pushing into me and teasing me until I was in ecstasy. When it was all over, the two women lay in bed with me, cuddling and touching me all over until we were both satisfied.

Afterwards, the two women thanked me for my time and money and I thanked them for the amazing experience I had with the Seven Sister Escort. I will definitely be back for more of their services in the future.

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