Escort Seven Sister

Escort Seven Sister was an old and experienced escort working in the red-light district of Seven Sister. She had been plying her trade for many years, but had a special knack for attracting the richest men in town. Her tanned and toned body captivated her clients and made them lust after her beyond all expectations.

Tonight was no different. She had been booked by one of her most frequent customers, a wealthy and powerful businessman. She arrived at the door and he welcomed her with a passionate kiss, his hands feeling her sculpted form before leading her towards the bedroom.

He undressed her slowly, running his hands over her curves and exploring her body. His fingertips caressed her breasts, her nipples standing to attention as she moaned in pleasure. His hands moved lower, lightly caressing her belly before heading down to her inner thighs.

He moved between her legs and she gasped in delight as his tongue licked her wet pussy. She moaned and grinded her hips against him, pushing her pleasure higher and higher with each flick of his tongue. His lips moved to her clit, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body as he sucked and licked her delicate flesh.

He moved back up and lightly kissed her neck as his fingers explored her body again. She gasped as his fingers found her tight ass and he entered her slowly but with great force. She clung onto him for support as he thrust inside her, the pleasure intensifying with each stroke.

He grabbed her hips and increased the intensity of his thrusts, pushing her higher and higher until she could no longer contain her screams of pleasure. She shook with each wave of pleasure that rolled over her body and he kept thrusting until they came together in a powerful orgasm that left them both breathless.

Afterwards they lay there in each other’s arms, basking in the afterglow of their passionate encounter. She looked up at him and smiled as she traced her fingers across his chest. She loved the feeling of being with him, and wanted to be with him forever.

She kissed him tenderly and looked into his eyes. He returned her gaze and said, “I love you, Seven Sister.” She felt the same, and knew that she finally belonged somewhere. With him, she was home.

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