Seduction of a Married Mom

Seduction of a Married Mom

Janet watched nervously as the door creaked open, and in stepped the handsome stranger she had agreed to meet with. His eyes raked over her suggestively as she stood in the doorway wearing a sheer black negligee and a pair of red high-heeled shoes. Janet caught her breath, realizing that in this moment she was finally daring to do something that she had fantasized about for months now.

As the young man stepped into the room, Janet ran her eyes over his body, taking in his broad shoulders and muscular chest that were visible through his tight-fitting T-shirt. His sandy brown hair was tousled casually and his face was clean-shaven. He was attractive, but in a much different way than the husband that she had been married to for over a decade.

Janet felt a thrill as she let her eyes roam over his body, imagining what it would be like to feel his hands on her. She hadn’t felt the touch of another man for many years and the feeling was both tantalizing and nerve-wracking. She had been married to the same man for so long that the idea of exploring her sexuality outside of their marriage had kept her up at night for months.

The young man flashed her a roguish smile, as if he sensed her inner turmoil. He stepped forward, closing the gap between them, until they were standing so close that Janet could feel the heat radiating off his body. She felt her heart rate and breathing speed up in anticipation and excitement as he reached up and cupped her face in his hands before leaning in to place a gentle kiss on her lips.

Janet felt a wave of pleasure rush through her body and her knees weakened at the sensation. The young man seemed to sense her response and the kiss deepened. His hands moved confidently over her body, exploring each curve and soft contour as his mouth moved hungrily over hers. Janet felt a delicious wave of heat wash over her as her inhibitions and control of the situation were slipping away.

The young man’s hands moved lower, caressing her back and buttocks and soon his fingers were slipping inside her negligee. Janet gasped as his fingers stroked her most intimate area, sending electric shocks through her body. She was surprised by how aroused she had become and the deep, longings that seemed to be calling out from deep within her.

The young man continued his ministrations, his fingers now tracing circles around her clitoris and lightly massaging her inner walls. Janet felt her senses heighten as her pleasure mounted and soon she was moaning and thrashing against the bed as she came undone in a powerful orgasm.

The young man smiled and kissed her tenderly as her body shook with pleasure. Then he gently eased his hands away and helped her to lie back against the pillows. He tenderly kissed his way down her body, exploring her with his mouth and tongue until Janet was trembling in pleasure and desire.

The young man expertly drove her toward the edge of the bed, never letting her release until he had explored every inch of her body with his hands, mouth and tongue. Janet came again and again, each time feeling like she was soaring insurmountably higher and higher.

Finally, spent and exhausted, Janet collapsed against the bed and the young man lay next to her. They lay in silence for a few moments, both of them exploring the feelings that had just been unearthed. Janet couldn’t quite believe what she had done, but at the same time she felt oddly satisfied and liberated.

The young man kissed her tenderly and smiled. “Will I see you again?” he asked.

Janet felt a thrill of excitement and anticipation as she replied. She knew she had found something special in this moment, and she felt sure that if she chose to, she could explore this newfound sensuality further.

“Maybe,” she said before leaning in for one last kiss.

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