Hidden Desires of a Mom

Hidden Desires of a Mom

My husband snored softly beside me, the afternoon sun spilling through my curtains as I woke from a long nap. I sighed and stretched, feeling the familiar ache within me. It had been months since we last had any real passion between us, my husband and I separated by long hours and exhaustion. I could feel the arousal simmering beneath my skin and I decided that I’d take matters into my own hands.

I tiptoed quietly out of the bedroom and crept into the living room. I’d already prepared a few things before my nap, setting up the movie screen and dimming the lights. I grabbed my laptop and settled on the couch, determined to satisfy my desires. I could already feel my heart racing as I opened a website filled with naughty pictures, erotic stories, and videos of couples doing things that I’d only ever fantasized of doing.

As I settled myself comfortably, my eyes settled on one particular video. A hot, young couple were in the bedroom, tangling themselves together in the throes of unmitigated passion. It was just what I needed to fuel my imagination and I found myself licking my lips hungrily as I watched. The girl was just as I’d always wanted to be, her curves smooth and inviting against her partner’s hard body. He teased and explored, his hands exploring the contours of her skin, his kisses gentle yet passionate. As I watched, my breathing grew ragged and I knew that I needed more than simply watching.

I knew what I wanted and I went to the bedroom to prepare. I quickly stripped, leaving my cotton nightie pooled around my feet as I found a smaller piece of lace lingerie in the back of my drawer. I had always kept it hidden, a guilty pleasure that I never felt comfortable wearing. I judged myself as I looked in the mirror, comparing my body to the models I had seen on the website. My curves were softer and my breasts a bit droopy, yet I still felt sexy and desirable as I admired the way the lace hugged me tight.

I returned to the living room, more aroused than ever with my new lingerie as my only cover. As I sat, I found my hand tracing my hip and thigh, feeling the lace brush against my skin. I needed more and I let my hand drift further, exploring my curves and feeling my heart rate spike. I moved my fingers around, pushing aside the thin fabric of my lingerie as I teased my entrance and felt a moan escape my lips.

My other hand grabbed the vibrator I had prepared and I bit my lip as I turned it on. I shuddered as the vibrations rolled through my body, my massage intensifying as my arousal hit its peak. I imagined my husbands hands on me as I allowed the sensations to wash over me, fantasizing of how his warm touch contrasted with his strong yet gentle movements. I shifted my hips, pushing against the fabric of my lingerie as I felt my inner walls clamp around the vibrator and coax it against my sensitive spots. I closed my eyes, feeling my orgasm build with each wave of pleasure that invaded my body.

Finally, I felt the orgasm break over me and I moaned in pleasure as my body shuddered and trembled. I fell back against the couch, satisfied but still wanting more. My breathing slowed and I opened my eyes, feeling completely renewed and alive. I gathered up my lingerie and slipped back into bed, dreaming of what was to come.