Secret Rendezvous That Could Prove Risky

Secret Rendezvous That Could Prove Risky

It was one of those hot summer days when the sun blazed down upon the city and every living thing sought out a respite from the sweltering heat. Laura knew exactly where to find one – an abandoned beach house, tucked away along the edge of town.

She had stumbled upon it while on an afternoon walk last week and had immediately been hooked. The old wooden shack was the perfect mix of squeamishness and allure; the kind of place that begged to be explored. Now she had a perfectly good reason for doing so – a secret rendezvous with her lover.

Though Laura knew she was taking a risk by venturing out on this hot day, she was determined to make it happen. She had been seeing Jack for a little over two weeks now, and though things were progressing quickly, she needed a break from the everyday routine.

The beach house provided the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of romance and seclusion. As she drove out of town, passing old-fashioned brick homes with plentiful flower gardens and shady trees, she began to picture their passionate embrace in the twilight hours.

When she arrived at the beach house, she took a deep breath of fresh air. She had been there once before, but the sight still made her pause with wonderment. The structure was a testament to a bygone era, and Laura felt as though she could still feel the presence of its original inhabitants.

She slowly walked up the boardwalk leading up to the beach house. It was weathered and a bit creaky, but it was also inviting. The sound of waves crashing against the shore only added to the aura of mystery and intrigue.

A gust of wind rustled the trees, swaying their branches in unison. It had been an especially long day of work and Laura was exhausted, yet she felt revived as she stepped through the threshold of the beach house.

Once inside, she found a wonderfully quiet and private getaway. Sunlight filtered through the dusty windows, creating a magical ambience. Laura took her time, exploring every nook and cranny of the cabin until she felt entirely satisfied with her find.

It was well past noon when Jack arrived at the beach house. Laura had been waiting for him eagerly, not quite sure what to expect. She hadn’t wanted to get her hopes up, but when he showed up, she couldn’t help but smile.

Standing in the doorway was a tall, good-looking man with a devilish grin and a glint in his eye. She could tell he was already slightly intoxicated from the long night he’d had out in the city, yet he still carried himself with an air of confidence.

He crossed the room and the two embraced. His short hair tickled her nose and she couldn’t help but giggle. His lips were hot and soft against her own, and Laura felt her entire body flush with a warmth that had been absent since she last laid eyes on him.

Jack pulled away and gazed into her eyes. She felt as if his stare was boring into her soul, burying itself into her very being. He didn’t have to say the words, she just knew that he wanted her.

The two soon grew carried away in each other’s embrace. As their bodies moved in tandem, they soon found themselves in a state of utter bliss. Clothes were shed, passions unleashed and inhibitions thrown to the wind.

The sex that ensued was unlike any Laura had ever experienced. Jack seemed to know her body so well, almost as if he had studied every inch of her in secret sessions. She felt like she was flying, or as if some sort of magic was being unleashed in the atmosphere.

The moment couldn’t last forever, though, and soon enough it was time for the happy couple to part ways. Laura felt a pang of sadness as she watched Jack drive away, the faint sound of his engine echoing in the air. She wasn’t sure when she’d see him again, but she had no doubt that the experience would stay in her memory for a long time.

Her secret rendezvous with Jack wasn’t without its risks. The two had taken a chance by meeting in such a secluded spot, but the payoff had been more than worth it. The thrill and passion they had felt together had been something that neither could have imagined a few weeks prior.

Laura still couldn’t believe her luck. She had found a kindred spirit, a man she could share her deepest thoughts and desires with. She was sure that their next tryst would be just as satisfying, and she looked forward to it with eager anticipation.

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