Locking Lips After a Night of Lies

The night was dark and cold, just like the solitude that surrounded their hearts. Locking lips was the only thing that could bring warmth to them.

Mariam and Chris already knew that this was a night of lies. They were both madly in love but there were secrets that weighed heavily on their shoulders. Unwittingly, they had stumbled into a mess of emotions and years of misunderstanding between them.

Tonight was meant to be different and they both knew it. They were both driven by the same desire; to lock lips and rid away all the secrets that had kept them apart for so long.

The night was short. They both entered Mariam’s home timidly, knowing that the truth may set them both free, but it could also destroy them for good. Chris paused for a moment as something about this place, about Mariam, seemed different.

The hallway was cold and the walls were yellow and faded, it was enough for Chris to feel a little bit scared inside. He could see wariness and grief anguished in Mariam’s face. Everything around them felt like a lie ready to expose, even if the truth would set them both free.

The silence was heavy in the room. Mariam started to study Chris slowly, inspecting every part of his face and then shifting her eyes to the floor, unable to face the consequences of their silences. There seemed to be moments of deep recognition, there were also moments of completely blurred out expression.

Both of them paused and breathed in and out, desperate to create a space that could separate this moment from the previous night of dark secrets. Unknowingly, their lips were closer and finally they let go of all the doubts, of all the pain and damaged expectations. Their moment of trust is not just physical, it’s also spiritual and emotional.

Their lips touched for the first time and it felt like home. Suddenly everything else faded away and it was just the two of them in this world. The warmth of their embrace felt like a caress, like healing.

After a few moments, Mariam started to move away from Chris but the physical proximity remained. They both felt surrounded by safety and peace, unaware that this was the start of a new journey for both of them.

It was then, when Chris finally understood. It was all about love, about truth and about the beauty of being alive. It was about the secrets of a night finally unlocked.

After that first kiss, they both felt calmer and there was understanding in the air. Mariam grabbed Chris’ left hand and looked deep into his eyes, searching for his heart. And then they both kissed again.

Engaging in a passionate exploration of each other’s soul, they were both shirtless, letting this passion run wild. Mariam placed her hands on Chris’ back and they moved together in a symphony of their love. Reality seemed so far away.

The next morning, when the sun rose, Mariam and Chris woke up in each other’s arms feeling relieved and content. All the secrets that had kept them apart for so long were now replaced by a sense of hope for a life of justice.

A life in which love could prevail and where the truth could heal all wounds. A life full of promises and dreams, shared with someone who loved them unconditionally and understood their true essence.

They embraced each other once more, knowing that the only certainty in life was the exchange of these incredible warm kisses and the forever-locked power of their love.

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