Sara And Ava Fanfiction

Sara and Ava had been friends for years. They had been inseparable during high school, and now, years later, they were still close. Sara had always been the adventure one and Ava had been the quieter one, but lately Ava had been coming out of her shell and doing things that Sara had only dreamed of.

Tonight was the night of their first full-on adventure. They had both been planning it for weeks and they were ready. Sara had arranged for them both to spend the night in a hotel, a luxurious five-star one with all the trimmings. It had cost a fortune, but it was worth it for what they were about to do.

They checked into the hotel and headed straight for the room. They had the place to themselves for the night, and despite the luxuriousness of the place, all they wanted was to get down to business. They had both been thinking about this all week, and now that they were finally here, it was time to make fantasies a reality.

They stripped each other down, kissing all the while, and as they explored each other’s bodies they found themselves getting more and more aroused. Sara gasped as Ava licked her nipples, and soon after, Ava was moaning in pleasure as Sara licked and sucked her clitoris. They kissed and caressed each other until they were both breathless and trembling with pleasure.

Sara reached down and slipped two fingers inside Ava, pushing them in and out slowly and steadily. Ava gasped and pushed her hips against Sara’s hand, urging her on. Sara obliged, pushing her fingers in and out faster and faster, until Ava was panting and shaking with pleasure. When she could take no more, Sara pulled her fingers out and pushed them inside herself.

Sara was an eager lover, and soon Ava found herself on her back with Sara between her legs. She gasped as Sara’s tongue worked its magic, licking and sucking her clit and pushing it into pleasure that she had never known before. As Ava started to moan and shake with pleasure, Sara pushed two fingers into her, then three, and then her whole hand. Ava screamed in pleasure as Sara’s fingers moved in and out of her in time with her tongue.

Ava was on the brink of orgasm, and Sara was not about to let her go without a good fuck. She pulled out her fingers and reached down to grab her strap-on. Ava gasped as she saw the phallic object in Sara’s hand, and before she could say anything, Sara pushed it inside her. Ava’s body convulsed with pleasure as Sara worked her hips, thrusting her in and out in a steady rhythm.

Ava screamed as her orgasm built and then finally burst through her. As the waves of pleasure pulsed through her, she felt Sara’s body shudder against hers, and then she felt her hot orgasm splatter against her inner walls. As the pleasure eased off, Sara lay down against her and they both lay there panting, exhausted and happy.

The morning sunshine was streaming through the windows when Sara and Ava awoke. They lay there in each other’s arms, happy and content, before finally getting up and heading home. As they drove back, they both knew that this had been just the beginning of an amazing sexual adventure. A bedroom filled with naughty and explicit pleasure was waiting for them both.

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