Emmerdale Fanfiction Charity And Vanessa

Charity and Vanessa had been best friends for years, since they were just teenagers. They’d grown up in the same town and had always stuck together through thick and thin.

Their friendship had only gotten stronger as they had grown older and now, as young women in their twenties, they had found their way into a deep, passionate and intimate relationship.

Charity had always been the wild one, while Vanessa was more cautious and conservative. But deep down, they both needed an outlet to express their desires and fantasies and each had found it in the other.

One night, Vanessa had invited Charity over to her house for a late-night rendezvous. She had told her friend that she wanted to do something naughty, something they had never done before.

Charity showed up at Vanessa’s ready to get wild. She had brought along a few items of lingerie, some whipped cream and a bottle of wine. She was dressed in a pair of thigh-high stockings and a tight corset, which hugged her curves perfectly.

Once inside, Vanessa led Charity to her bedroom and the two of them started to make out, exploring each other’s bodies in ways they had never done before. Vanessa’s bedroom was dark and sensual, with candles burning and soft music playing in the background.

The two of them caressed each other’s bodies and kissed passionately as their hands explored each other’s curves. As their passion intensified, Vanessa started to tease Charity with the whipped cream, dripping it into her cleavage and onto her stomach. Charity enjoyed the sensation of the cool, creamy sweetness and started to squirm as Vanessa brought her to the edge of ecstasy.

After teasing each other for a while, Charity and Vanessa moved to the bed and Vanessa kneeled down in front of Charity as she unzipped her lingerie. Vanessa’s lips were wet and eager as she kissed her way down Charity’s body, exploring her curves and tasting her sweetness.

Once Charity was completely naked, Vanessa moved to lay her down and open her legs. She started to lick, kiss and suck on Charity’s pussy, exploring every inch of her and driving her wild with pleasure. Charity moaned and writhed as Vanessa sucked her clitoris and as her pleasure built, Vanessa entered her with her fingers, slowly thrusting in and out.

Charity was quickly overwhelmed with pleasure and Vanessa moved to lay on top of her, pushing her deeper and deeper into ecstasy. She was soon panting and groaning as the pleasure increased and Vanessa could feel the wetness between her legs increasing. She started to thrust more vigorously, pushing Charity over the edge and into a blissful orgasm.

The two of them lay in a tangled mess, enjoying the moment and basking in the afterglow. But they both wanted more and they soon found themselves exploring each other’s assholes, stimulating each other with a variety of toys and fingers.

Charity and Vanessa spent hours in each other’s arms, exploring and pleasuring each other in ways they had never imagined before. They explored every inch of each other’s bodies, pushing each other to their limits and finally achieving their ultimate goal of a simultaneous and explosive orgasm.

As they lay together afterwards, both spent and satisfied, Vanessa looked into Charity’s eyes and said, “Tonight was the best night of my life.”

Charity smiled and replied, “It was the best night of mine too.”

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