Raunchy Romance for Older Readers

It was their most raunchy night yet. Mabel and Mick had been married for over twenty years and while their love was solid and dependable, their sex life had gradually become uninspired and underwhelming.

So, when Mabel suggested they explore a bit of raunchy romance one Thursday evening, Mick happily accepted the offer.

They began by setting a seductive atmosphere – dimming the lights, lighting a few candles and putting on some jazz music. The music had an instant calming effect on them as they eagerly prepared and got into the mood.

Mabel began to rub Mick’s back sensually and to whisper how much she desired him in his ear. Gradually, she made her way up and down his body, exploring his aroused flesh and massaging his muscled form.

As she continued to kiss and caress him, Mabel started to undress Mick and then followed suit with her own clothing. Not once did they rush or try to achieve an outcome— that wasn’t the point of their session, but rather the journey which they wanted to take and savour.

Once they were naked, they resumed their exploration of each other’s body. They read each other with tenderness, tenderness that only two married people who love each other could.

Mick moaned with delight as Mabel made her way down his body with her amazing lips, tongue and gentle fingers – eagerly exploring and caressing every inch of him and soon making him burst with pleasure and satisfaction.

Mick was thrilled with Mabel’s delightful ministrations and reciprocated the favour in kind. First, Mick kissed Mabel passionately, exploring the inside of her mouth with his tongue. He then proceeded explore her body with gentle, loving touches .

Mabel was in ecstasy as Mick slowly and lovingly brought her to pleasure – up, down, over and all around; all the while whispering what he had on his mind and in his heart and slowly building excitement throughout her entire body.

The rhythm of their pleasure built slowly and surely and soon they were both deeply aroused and ready for some passionate love making.

Mick entered Mabel with a deep slow thrust which immediately ignited a mutual pleasure that only they could know. As they made love they experienced each other in wonderful ways. Nothing was rushed and their pleasure was intense.

They moved together in perfect synchronization and increased the intensity in perfect timing. They moaned, groaned and yelled out with pleasure as the eventual thunderous orgasm took them both over at the same time.

Afterwards, they lay on the bed in exhausted satisfaction and silently basked in the afterglow of their powerful and passionate love making session.

Mabel and Mick were always thankful for their moment together and the wonderful sex they had. Those nights of raunchy romance were the highlights of their marriage and the acts of love that kept their relationship alive and powerful for twenty years and beyond.

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