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“Until Tonight”

He had been watching her from across the room for a while. It was a hot and steamy night in the city and he was having a bit too much of his favorite whiskey. She was there by herself, dressed in a tight strapless black dress that hugged her curves perfectly. He felt himself captivated by the sight of her.

He decided to take a chance, so he quickly made his way over to her. She was sitting alone at the bar, her soft brown eyes shooting daggers at him, as if warning him to stay away. But he had to get closer and find out more, so he asked her if he could buy her a drink.

Surprisingly, she accepted his offer and he ordered two glasses of champagne. They began to talk, and as the minutes passed, their conversation became increasingly intimate. She seemed to be drawn to him, and the atmosphere between them was becoming increasingly charged with electricity.

At one point, she raised her glass to her lips, and he couldn’t help but admire her full red lips. He felt himself wanting her, desiring to feel her most intimate places against his skin. But he knew he had to stay in control.

He slowly reached out and grabbed her free hand, surprising her. She looked into his eyes, her gorgeous brown eyes reflecting something he had been searching for for far too long. He moved closer, their faces just inches apart and he couldn’t help himself any longer. He kissed her softly, pressing his lips against her own.

At first she seemed to hesitate, but then she responded. She moved her body closer, pressing it against him. He could feel her heart beating, faster and faster. Soon, their kiss turned into something more, their tongues exploring and caressing each others’.

He slowly dared to move his hands up her body. Everyone around them seemed to cease to exist. He felt her tremble as he touched the small of her back and then moved one of his hands up to cup her breast. She gasped with pleasure and desire bloomed in his chest.

He could feel her heat surround him as her skin got warmer and warmer with each caress. She had taken control of their embrace, now they were simply following what felt right and necessary.

He grabbed her hand, entwining their fingers, and they moved towards the door, heading out onto the deserted street. His apartment was nearby, so they quickly made their way there, not even stopping to take in all the illuminated beauty of the city, their minds only focused on what was about to happen.

Once inside his bedroom, he looked into her eyes and said, “until tonight.”

And she knew, deep down, that these exact words would be the only words that would define that moment.

They undressed slowly and gradually, enjoying every curve and detail of each other’s bodies. He couldn’t believe that this magnificent woman was now willing to share the most intimate moments of her life with him.

Soon enough, their desire for each other was so intense, that neither of them could avoid it any longer. It was as if they were trapped in their own paradise, dancing around each other, their two bodies creating an incredible erotic ballet.

The next hours were spent in pleasure and passion, their skin sliding against each other, their hands exploring every inch of the other’s body. Their breathing was deep and heavy, their energies in sync, melting into one being.

When morning came, they were still there, basking in the realization of what they had just experienced. It was definitely a moment that would remain in their minds forever, the moment they let themselves go and explore the forbidden erotica that was hidden in their deepest desires.

He looked into her eyes and said, “Until tonight…”.

She gently touched his lips with hers and whispered, “Yes, until tonight.”

And that’s how it all started. It may have been just one night, but for them, it was the most beautiful night of their lives; the night where they found each other, their souls intertwined in a forbidden erotica that was simply magical.

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