Pervy Mums

Pam, a 35-year-old mother of two, was bored with her mundane life and sought an escape from her humdrum existence. She’d heard rumors about Pervy Mums, a secret group of moms who liked to get naughty and have wild parties, and she decided to check it out.

Pam arrived at the Pervy Mums party, feeling a little nervous but excited. The room was full of women of all shapes and sizes, some dressed in provocative lingerie, some in more conservative attire. There were a few men there as well, but they were mostly in the background.

Pam was instantly mesmerized by the lively atmosphere, the music and the tantalizing conversation. She soon found herself in the middle of it all, drinking and dancing with the other women.

After a few hours of partying, the lights dimmed and the music changed. The women began to move into pairs and small groups. Pam watched as the women exchanged sexy glances, caressed each other’s bodies, and grabbed each other’s hands or lips.

The night soon escalated into a wild orgy of sorts. Women pleasured each other orally and used their hands and toys to explore erogenous zones. Some women even took turns with the men, who eagerly obliged.

Pam was both intrigued and aroused at the same time. She decided to let go of her inhibitions and join in on the fun. She stripped off her clothes and began exploring her own body in front of everyone.

Once fully nude, Pam was bombarded by advances from almost every woman in the room. She was soon taken by two women and escorted to a private room.

In the private room, Pam was given the opportunity to explore her own desires in front of the two women. They kissed her neck, caressed her curves, and pleasured her with their mouths, hands and toys.

Pam was in a state of ecstasy and felt as though she was in a dream. After several minutes of bliss, she was taken to the center of the room, where she and the two women engaged in a passionate threesome.

The sex was amazing and Pam experienced multiple orgasms throughout the night. As the evening came to a close, Pam couldn’t help but feel a newfound sense of freedom and liberation.

Pam had never been this sexually satisfied in her life, and she couldn’t wait to come back and explore her newfound sexuality with her newfound Pervy Mums friends.


Pam’s experience with the Pervy Mums had opened her eyes to an entirely new world. She realized that her desires had always been there, and these secret parties were the perfect outlet for her to express them. Pam now has a new appreciation for her own sexuality, and for the concept of safe, consensual sex.