Brother And Sister Share Hotel Room

Brother And Sister Share Hotel Room

He had never been so close to his sister as they stood in front of the hotel room door. His sister had just splurged on an overnight stay in an upscale hotel, and he was grateful for her generosity but also a bit apprehensive about being so close in such an intimate setting. She seemed equally nervous as she fumbled for the room key, and he could feel the sexual tension in the air.

The door opened and they stepped inside. It was a beautiful room, with a massive king-size bed that seemed to take up half the room. His sister wasted no time getting comfortable, pulling off her shoes and flopping down on the bed. He followed suit, sprawling out on the other side. Both of them were feeling the same thing, a strange new connection between them that they had never felt before.

As they lay there in silence, they could feel the sexual tension growing between them. His sister seemed to be making the first move, rolling onto her side and propping her head up on her hand. She was gazing at him with a lustful look in her eyes, and he could feel his body stirring in response.

He rolled onto his side and moved closer to her, their faces only inches apart. She let out a soft moan as he moved closer, and he shivered with anticipation. He cupped her face in his hands and looked into her eyes, before leaning in and pressing his lips against hers.

The kiss was electric, and they both moaned as their tongues entwined. His hands moved down her body, exploring her curves as they kissed. He could feel her body trembling with pleasure, and his own arousal was growing by the second.

Suddenly, she pulled away and looked into his eyes. She wanted to take things further, and he wanted the same. He pulled her close and laid her down on the bed, before slowly unbuttoning her shirt. He ran his hands over her soft skin, marveling at her beauty.

He pushed her shirt aside, revealing her perfect breasts. He moved his hands to cup them, gently squeezing as he kissed her neck and shoulders. His fingers moved lower, caressing her stomach as he slowly unzipped her jeans.

He cupped her mound through her panties, teasing her until she was writhing with pleasure. He moved his hand aside and pulled the garment away, exposing her shaven pussy. His eyes widened in desire as he looked at her, and he couldn’t resist the urge to take her.

He moved his hands up her legs, spreading her thighs as he moved in between them. His tongue ran over her clit, making her gasp with pleasure as he moved further. He moved his tongue inside her, exploring every inch as she moaned in ecstasy.

He moved up, pulling her on top of him and pushing her down on his growing erection. She gasped with pleasure as he moved up inside of her, and they began to thrust in perfect unison. They moved together, her body shaking with pleasure as he thrust deeper and deeper.

The pleasure was overwhelming, and they both began to moan out loud as they moved together. His hands moved around her body, exploring every curve as she rode him. His fingers moved between her legs, teasing her clit as she rode him harder and harder.

Finally, as the ecstasy became too much, he pushed her off of him and rolled her onto her back. He moved his head between her legs and licked her until she was screaming with pleasure, then moved back up and entered her once again.

The pleasure was overwhelming and they both exploded in a passionate climax. They lay there, tangled in each other’s arms and basking in the afterglow. It had been a night of pure pleasure, and they both knew that their relationship had changed forever. They had shared something truly special, and the thought of it made them both smile.