Pantyhose Lover Gets His Fantasy

Pantyhose Lover Gets His Fantasy

He had always been a pantyhose lover, ever since he was a young boy. As he grew older, his desires for women in pantyhose only increased, and he began to create elaborate fantasies in his head about his pantyhose-filled trysts. He wanted to make his fantasy a reality, but he was too embarrassed to even tell anyone.

One night, while browsing the Internet, he came across an ad for a local escort service. The ad promised complete discretion and a variety of services. He was intrigued, and he decided to give them a call.

When he arrived at the discreet location, he was greeted by a beautiful blonde in a skintight pair of black pantyhose and a corset. She introduced herself as “Mistress Serena” and showed him to his private suite.

Once in the room, Mistress Serena began to undress him. She ran her fingers along the length of his body, creating an intense feeling of pleasure and desire. As her hands moved lower, she began to kiss and suck on his neck and chest.

He was shaking with anticipation, desperate for her to keep going. As his arousal increased, Mistress Serena removed her pantyhose and straddled him. She began to grind her hips against his and he could feel the warmth of her body against his.

As his breathing became heavier, Mistress Serena began to lick, suck, and kiss all over his body. As her hands explored his body, he could feel the sensations becoming more and more powerful. When she reached his crotch, he couldn’t help but let out a moan of pleasure.

She kept going, expertly handling his thrusts and pleasuring him until he could take no more. Just when he thought he was going to explode, Mistress Serena pulled off her pantyhose and straddled him again. This time, she rubbed her body against his, creating an even more intense feeling of ecstasy.

As his pantyhose-filled fantasies reached their peak, Mistress Serena guided him to his ultimate pleasure. After spending hours in each other’s arms, he finally achieved the orgasm of his dreams.

When he awoke the following morning, he felt energized and fulfilled. He realized that all of his fantasies had finally come true, thanks to the help of Mistress Serena and the escort service. From that moment on, his love of pantyhose was only amplified.

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