Glorious Boobs

“Glorious Boobs”

It was inevitable. When two strangers with such distinctively gorgeous forms of anatomy come together, the attraction was powerful. When I first saw her in the coffee shop, her glorious breasts seemed to catch me off guard like some secret weapon. Her body was a deadly weapon, each curve more dangerous than the last.

I couldn’t help but keep glancing her way, marveling at her curves as she walked in a seductive manner. She was the kind of woman that could make any man’s heart race with just one glance. I had to know more about her.

We started chatting, and I soon found out that she was an experienced escort. She told me that she specialized in what she called “Glorious Boobs”. She said that she had become quite famous for providing pleasure to men using her curves and her ample bosom. I was intrigued, and I asked her if she could show me a demonstration.

She smiled wickedly, and before I knew it, we were in a seedy motel room. She began her demonstration by cupping her breasts, massaging them gently and licking the tips of her nipples. Then, she got on all fours and presented her body to me, her glorious breasts bouncing provocatively as she moved.

I wanted her more than anything. She was like a goddess, her body was perfect and I knew that I was going to have an incredible time. I kissed her neck and then proceeded to suck on her nipples as she moaned with pleasure. I licked my way around her body, not forgetting her delicious breasts as I savoured her taste.

Then, she got more and more daring, pushing my head down to her pussy and grinding her hips against me. I licked and kissed her nether regions as she moaned with pleasure, and then slowly began to insert my fingers inside her. She was so tight and wet that I quickly became aroused, and I started pushing my hard cock inside her.

As I thrust deep within her, she started screaming in pleasure, gripping my back and telling me just how much she loved it. We continued for what seemed like hours, until finally I exploded within her – our combined pleasure too much for us to handle.

Afterwards, we lay in bed for a while, my hands still caressing her glorious breasts as we talked about our experience. It was then that I realized that I had truly found an amazing woman. She was an expert in providing pleasure and I was the lucky recipient.

I won’t forget that day anytime soon – and I will definitely be back for more of her glorious breasts.

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