Nuru Massage Reading

Nuru Massage Reading

My heart raced as I pulled into the small parking lot outside of Nuru Massage Reading. I had heard so many amazing things about the place, but I was still nervous. I was a single guy looking for a way to satisfy my needs, and I was hoping this would be the place to do it.

I nervously stepped out of the car and walked up to the door. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and stepped inside. The room was warm and inviting, and the music playing in the background created a calm atmosphere. The decor was modern and stylish, with a few art pieces scattered around the walls.

At the front desk, I was greeted by a young woman with an inviting smile. She seemed friendly and helpful, and she was more than happy to answer any questions I had about their services. She offered me a seat as she explained all about Nuru massage, and I found myself becoming more and more intrigued as I listened.

As I waited, I took in my surroundings. The lights were dim, and there were several massage tables spread out around the room. The atmosphere was relaxing and inviting, and I could tell this was going to be an enjoyable experience.

After a few minutes, I was taken to one of the massage tables, and I was instructed to undress. I nervously removed my clothing, feeling embarrassed and exposed. As I lay down on the table, I could feel the heat emanating from the table. I closed my eyes and let my mind wander as the therapist started to work on my body.

She began with a relaxing massage, using gentle strokes to stimulate my body and help me relax. As she moved around my body, I felt my body loosening and my mind clearing. Her hands moved expertly over my skin, working out all of my knots and tense muscles. I felt my body reacting to her touch, a tingling sensation running through me.

As I relaxed, the massage moved to a more intimate level. The therapist oiled up her hands, and I felt her begin to massage my inner thighs. I felt my body grow more aroused under her touch, and I could feel myself growing more and more aroused.

Her hands moved higher, and I found myself gasping as she began a Nuru massage. She worked her hands all over my body, gliding them over my chest and stomach. She used special techniques to massage my most sensitive areas, sending waves of pleasure cascading through my body. I felt my pleasure intensifying with every touch, and I was soon moaning with pleasure as she pleasured me with her hands.

As my pleasure increased, I could feel the therapist becoming more daring. She started using her hands and body to massage me in more erotic ways. I was caught up in the sensations, and I felt myself getting lost in pleasure as her hands moved across my body. I could feel my arousal growing, and I let out a moan of pleasure as she massaged me.

After a few minutes, I felt myself reaching my peak. My body was trembling in anticipation, and I let out a loud cry as I came. My body quivered and shook as I experienced one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

When I finally caught my breath, I opened my eyes. I realized that I had been given a once in a lifetime experience, and I was grateful. I thanked the therapist for the amazing experience and paid her before leaving.

As I drove away, I couldn’t help but smile. I had just experienced a Nuru massage like no other, and the pleasure I felt was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I knew I would definitely be back for more!

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